Undercover Slut “Haters Gonna HATE”

10 years after their album “Amerikka Macht Frei” and after quite a few EPs and singles, UNDERCOVER SLUT are back with a new 10 song album, a new line-up and a new approach to their music. While they were often described as a glam punk version of MARILYN MANSON flirting with WHITE ZOMBIE, they now have broadened their influences. UCS still have this NEWLYDEADS/death rock vibe but they have also incorporated modern electronic sounds in these new songs, sometimes more melodic than before (“F-Bomb”), and mix their industrial metal to American hip-hop (“Insult To Injury”, “Dance Dirt”.) While the MANSON influence can still be heard in “Chloroform Nation” or in “Black Phillip”, it is mixed to electro/techno sounds and rap vocals. It sometimes even gets a bit more experimental with “Vice”, ambient (White Gloves”) and dark hip-hop (“I Lie, U Die”) before ending with a slight DAFT PUNK and gospel note in “Supreme.”
As the apocalyptic collage of the cover (would look great on vinyl!) suggests, this is a good soundtrack for the terrifying times we live in. Lovers gonna love! /Laurent C.