The Yoohoos “Up Goes The Rocket”

Pop punk is always better with some bubblegum added to it, and The YOOHOOS from Germany definitely know about this! This German power trio with both male and female vocals are influenced by GROOVIE GHOULIES, CHIXDIGGIT and 90s indie college rock, but songs like “Hello”, “Planet Heart”, “Spread The Magic” or “Decisions” could have been played by any early 90s underground Sunset Strip bubblegum glam punk band. The college rock touch shows in “Love Disposal Service”, “Heart On” and “Rainy Cloud” while “Bizarre Love Triangle” and “Rusty Robot” have late 90s/early 00s pop punk traces in them. You’ll also hear some good old CHUCK BERRY rock’n’roll with “Little Alien” and a short and interesting electronic dreamy ballad called “Spaceboy” just before the sweet punk rock song “Cuddle All The Kittens” that puts an end to the album. “Up Goes The Rocket” is out on Monster Zero records and you should grab it!/Laurent C.

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