LATTE+ “Next To Ruin”

22 years, 8 albums… This Italian band isn’t really new, but they are back with a 13 song self-produced album. The record starts with “Next To Ruin”, an up-tempo punk rock song reminding of The QUEERS or SCREECHING WEASEL, but songs like “Phocomelic Boy” or “Everybody Likes Your Wife” have a RAMONES-like energy while “Waiting For You” or “Very Abormal People” sound more like GREEN DAY. The band knows how to write good sunny punk pop songs (“Cookie”, “I Miss You”, “She Cracks The Whip”) but will also sure make you rock to “Sleepyhead” or “Lost In Berlin.” You’ll also hear a tribute to Dee Dee Ramone (“Hey Hey It’s Dee Dee’s Birthday Today.”) I know, there’s plenty of bands playing this RAMONES meet pop punk style, but these guys have been around long enough to be able to do it really well! /Laurent C.

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