The Yoohoos “Up Goes The Rocket”

Pop punk is always better with some bubblegum added to it, and The YOOHOOS from Germany definitely know about this! This German power trio with both male and female vocals are influenced by GROOVIE GHOULIES, CHIXDIGGIT and 90s indie college rock, but songs like “Hello”, “Planet Heart”, “Spread The Magic” or “Decisions” could have been played by any early 90s underground Sunset Strip bubblegum glam punk band. The college rock touch shows in “Love Disposal Service”, “Heart On” and “Rainy Cloud” while “Bizarre Love Triangle” and “Rusty Robot” have late 90s/early 00s pop punk traces in them. You’ll also hear some good old CHUCK BERRY rock’n’roll with “Little Alien” and a short and interesting electronic dreamy ballad called “Spaceboy” just before the sweet punk rock song “Cuddle All The Kittens” that puts an end to the album. “Up Goes The Rocket” is out on Monster Zero records and you should grab it!/Laurent C.

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Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “The Past Came Callin'”

Fifth album for Los Angeles rock’n’roller PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS, and it is out (Vinyl + Download card) on Berlin record label Hound Gawd! Records again. “If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time” starts on a JOHNNY THUNDERS note, but ex-LAZY COWGIRLS Pat Todd still has a bit of country punk side in his songwriting, especially in songs like “The Ballad Of Crystal Valladares”, “The Future Callin'” or in “Idle Time” . You’ll hear some honky tonk STONES influenced guitar riffs in “Call You On Sunday Night”, some catchy American rock’n’roll with fine melodies (“Run”) and some NY ’77 influenced punk rock’n’roll (“The Ring, The Bottle & The Gun”, “A New Pair Of Eyes”), but the bluesy side of the band shows more in “Down In Old Boerne”, “Yeah, Ya Had A Bad Night” or in the 60s/soul ballad “Any Other Way.””Goin’ Nowhere” brings The MODERN LOVERS to mind and a song like “Somewhere Down The Line” will stay in your head after listening to it for the first time! The album ends on a very emotional acoustic blues note with “Just Between You & Me.” If you’re looking for some real rock’n’roll, then no need looking further, ask Eddie Spaghetti! /Laurent C.

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LATTE+ “Next To Ruin”

22 years, 8 albums… This Italian band isn’t really new, but they are back with a 13 song self-produced album. The record starts with “Next To Ruin”, an up-tempo punk rock song reminding of The QUEERS or SCREECHING WEASEL, but songs like “Phocomelic Boy” or “Everybody Likes Your Wife” have a RAMONES-like energy while “Waiting For You” or “Very Abormal People” sound more like GREEN DAY. The band knows how to write good sunny punk pop songs (“Cookie”, “I Miss You”, “She Cracks The Whip”) but will also sure make you rock to “Sleepyhead” or “Lost In Berlin.” You’ll also hear a tribute to Dee Dee Ramone (“Hey Hey It’s Dee Dee’s Birthday Today.”) I know, there’s plenty of bands playing this RAMONES meet pop punk style, but these guys have been around long enough to be able to do it really well! /Laurent C.

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ItsOnlyRocknRollMusic digital magazine

ItsOnlyRockMusic webmag Issue 1 (May 2019)
44 pages of Rock N Roll!

Featuring Sick Things, Corazones Muertos, The Flaming Sideburns’ Eduardo Martinez, Sabertooth Rockers, Howard, Gyasi, Criminal Kids, Roxanne, Still Square, Dirty Action, Twin Temple, The Morlocks, Salty Dog, Guns N Roses, Alice Cooper Group, Baby Grande,The Limboos, MonoDelux, The Liza Colby Sound, Doomstress, Hammered Satin, Babylon Shakes, The Bad Somethings, L.A. Guns, Every Mother’s Nightmare and Jetboy.

The Candy Snatchers “Moronic Pleasures”

High-energy punks The CANDY SNATCHERS are back on Hound Gawd! Records with a full album (19 rescued songs from 1998! on vinyl with digital download card included) They’ve been playing together for a long time since they formed in 1992 in Virginia and the idea to mix, master and transfer these songs to digital and bring them back to life on vinyl is quite a good one, especially if you’ve liked the band’s lates releases. Songs like “No Time To Waste” or “Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed”, “You Make It Hard”, “Killin’ My Buzz” or “Burn It To The Ground” show us that the band still dances on the hardcore edge, while “If You Can’t Have Fun, You Ain’t No Fun”, “Run You Down”, “Ass Casserole” or “Hard Up” bring 1977’s dangerous vibes back. You won’t be surprised if I tell you that they cover The STOOGES‘ “Fresh Rag” since both bands share a wild taste for chaos, just listen to “Moronic Pleasures” or “Such a Fool”. A song like “Real Thick Head” will make you feel like you’re in the rehearsal room with them, just turn up the volume! The album is dedicated to their first guitarist and co-creator Matthew Odietus who passed away in 2008 and it will make you understand why and how The CANDY SNATCHERS sound today. A proper rock’n’roll assault! /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “The Songs Remain Deranged”

Many sleaze rock/glam metal bands have disappeared these last years, but The EROTICS stand strong and offer us a new release each year! They never really change but are still able to offer us some quality rock’n’roll such as the heavy rock opener “Angel, Devil & Me”. You’ll hear some catchy horror rock (“Blood Of The Wasted”, “I Dismember You”, “Only When I Bleed”), some decadent glam metal (“The Things We Do In The Night”, “Steroids & Cocaine”), some sleazy rock (“Nice Things”) and even a bit of 70s rock with “Dity Little Secrets.” The EROTICS show us that they are also still good at glam punk with “Ain’t Talkin’ To You” and “Pretty Little Bomb.” A few of these songs were previously released on their “Stuck Between Venus and Mars” EP, including the ballad “Best Song of The Night”, so if you didn’t get the EP, that’s one more good reason for you to order “The Songs Remained Deranged”! /Laurent C.
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The Ratcliffs “Hell Mental”

The RATCLIFFS (from Austria) probably have all the RAMONES album. That’s what you think when listening to opening song “Sidewalk Weirdo”, “She Walked O.U.T”, “One Step Forward” or “Just Because”, but they must also be influenced by bands like The QUEERS and The ADOLESCENTS. Nothing wrong with this, right? But you’ll hear more than that in this album, there’s also some sunny powerpop in “No Reason”, “Here Comes The Rain” sounds like a modern version of The UNDERTONES, you’ll hear a bit of JOHNNY THUNDERS in “Trouble Zone” and “Schoolyard Dictator” almost sounds like early 90s bubblegum glam punk. If you think that this is quite a cool mix of influences, then you’re right! “Hell Mental” is available from Monster Zero Records. /Laurent C.

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The Popravinas “Willy Nilly”

California pop rockers The POPRAVINAS have been playing for quite some time now since they started in the mid-2000s and released their first album (“Everybody’s Fault But Ours”) in 2008. Their music is a fine mix of powerpop and alt-country with a a bit of ROLLING STONES thrown in (“Talkin’ Out Loud”, “Did Ya”) and BEATLES influenced vocal harmonies (“Tim’s Basement”, “Had Way (To Make an Easy Living”.) The alt-country side of the band shows more in “Almost Sick” and in “Put It All To Bed” in which you’ll hear some melodies that also bring SOUL ASYLUM to mind, and a song like “Dun’ Me In” is catchy enough for you to remember and sing it for the rest of the day after you’ve listened to it. Check it out! /Laurent C.

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