Demons “Kiss Off”

DEMONS are no new-schoolers since they started around 1994/1995 in Sweden, when HELLACOPTERS, TURBONEGRO, BACKYARD BABIES and GLUECIFER were just starting to put rock’n’roll back on the map.They now have more than 20 releases in their bag (including 3 albums on Gearhead Records) and are offering us 12 new songs on Alaska Productions/God’s Candy Records. It seems like time didn’t really have any influence on the band since DEMONS are playing high-energy rock’n’roll they way it has to be played. While “Baphomet Griefs” or “Bad Neighborhood” sound like good classic punk rock’n’roll, “Mojo Rojo” or “Hemisexual” have a healthy dose of punk craziness in them. You’ll get to hear some catchy choruses in “Kids Are Gonna Cry” and more melody in “Mean Street Beat” and “Standing in for Joy”, reminding a bit of SOCIAL DISTORTION. Not so many bands play this kind of rock’n’roll nowadays, so 2019 might be the right time for DEMONS! /Laurent C.

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Rod Hamdallah “Think About It” EP

This debut EP was first released in 2014 as a self-produced CD and Hound Gawd! Records have decided to give it a second life on 10″ vinyl. ROD HAMDALLAH is from Atlanta, GA so it’s no surprise to hear some soul and blues in his garage rock’n’roll. While “Think About It” opens on a quite punk rock note, “Carry You Home” (featuring Colonel J.D. Wilkes of The LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS) is filled with interesting soul and rockabilly touches and in case you need to find a song to play after The WHITE STRIPES during a DJ set, then “I Don’t Mind” will be a great choice. Side B offers us “Heatbeat”, a quiet bluesy song with a voodoo/gypsy feel, and “Take Me Back”, a bluesy rock’n’roll song with a powerful guitar-driven chorus.
Whether you like traditional garage or modern rock’n’roll, you’ll find something for your tastes in this EP. ROD HAMDALLAH seems to be touring a lot, and will be back to Europe soon, so keep an eye on him… /Laurent C.

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Brad Marino “Extra Credit”

Following his EP “Four Track Attack”, BRAD MARINO (The CONNECTION) is back with a solo album on which he plays every instrument with a little help from his friend Kris Rodgers on keys/piano. Opening song “Broken Clocks” has a big RAMONES feel, and powerpop sweetly mixes with old-school rock’n’roll in “It’s Not Right”, “Don’t Do The Crime” or in “No One Else Tried It.” The 60s pop influences can especially be heard in “Wake Up Baby” or “Fit To Be Tied” and sunny hits like “C’Mon C’Mon C’Mon” and “Broken Record Baby” will stay in your head for the rest of the day after you’ve listened to them for the first time. You’ll even hear some country touches in “What Comes Naturally”, but punk rock is always around the corner (“From The Start”) and Brad doesn’t forget about the roots of rock’n’roll when he chooses to cover CHUCK BERRY‘s “Bye Bye Johnny”… “Extra Credit” is already in my top list of this year’s best powerpop albums. /Laurent C.

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Matty James Cassidy Releases New Single/Video ‘Anodyne’

Following on from ‘Rosary’, the brooding folk rock stomper released at the end of last year, this latest offering from the Northern Irish singer-songwriter is an acoustic led, upbeat ballad that swings. Featuring an infectious sax-served hook, on a bed of mandolin and guitar jangle, with a little country honk keys thrown in for good measure. While the breezy feel to the music is guaranteed to have you clapping along, it’s juxtaposed by the melancholic, reflective verse, delivered by a distinctive croon. It’s this classic contradiction that never fails to pull those heartstrings and MJC unapologetically carries on the tradition in his own style for the modern day, with echoes of Faces and ‘Exile’ era Stones.

Anodyne’ is available to stream/download on SpotifyApple Music and all good digital platforms from Friday 29th March. Also featured on the limited edition 7” vinyl single ‘Rosary / Anodyne’ available exclusively from Pirate Heart Records.

Catch Matty James Cassidy and the band live:

04/05 – Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend, Glossop UK

01/06 – Camden Rocks Festival, London UK

13/06 – Trillians, Newcastle UK w/ The Spangles

14/06 – The Ice Box, Glasgow UK w/ The Spangles

15/06 – The Fulford Arms, York UK w/ The Spangles