Plastic Tears release new video for “Dark Passenger”

Helsinki street rockers Plastic Tears released their third album ‘Angels With Attitude’ in June.
A new single and video for the track “Dark Passenger” from the latest album is released on March 29th.

“Dark Passenger is a song about the dark side of the mind and dual personality. When the dark side makes you do things you wouldn’t want to do and how you try to rid it. The song itself is hard rocking and Nauri Nykänen’s role as a psychiatrist with understated but meaningful expressions tops off the video. The video is made with a dash of humor despite the serious subject.” – Miqu December

Video directed and edited by Eco Inkinen. Filmed by Mikke Strandberg, Juha Kinnunen ja Eco Inkinen.

Lead role as psychiatrist played by experienced actor Nauri Nykänen and Elina Laine as dancer.

‘Angels With Attitude’ was released in June 2018 through City of Lights Records and has received great reviews globally.

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Ditches “The Taste” 7″

These guys could have chosen the easy way and play HELLACOPTERS influenced rock’n’roll since they are from Sweden, but they sound more like American powerpop on speed. “The Taste”, “Tired Eyes” are less than two minutes, and they cover The Go-Go’s “We Don’t Get Along” in their own way and at their own speed! DITCHES play fast, but they manage to keep some melody and a bit of melancholy that will make you want to listen to this 7″ again. This is out on Spanish record label JARAMA 45RPM Records. /Laurent C.

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Jarama 45 RPM RECS


Baby Scream “Things U Can Say To A Stranger” EP

Argentina’s BABY SCREAM is back with a 5 song EP with strong 60s influences mixed to 90s alternative rock. “Aching Life” starts in a slow way full of melancholy, just before “Fake It Till You make It”, a quite aerial grungy pop song that will hypnotize you. “Roundabouts” starts a bit like an OASIS song, but then gets quieter with sunny sweet voice melodies while “Live While You Can” mixes 60s pop to vocals reminding me a bit of DINOSAUR JR. The last song, “Somebody Kill Me Now” brings a bit of glam to this new EP and brilliantly puts an end to it. /Laurent C.

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