Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “Entering Anytown U.S.A.” EP

JOE NORMAL AND THE ANYTOWN’rs are located in Los Angeles, but Joe is originally from New Jersey and you can fee lt in the songwriting. Melody and energy meets in a way that brings The REPLACEMENTS to mind in “Anytown” while “Nuthin’ (I Got Nothing)” has classic British rock’n’roll (STONES, FACES…) influences, and “Into The City Tonight” is a sunny 60s power pop song with great sounding guitars.The band’s biography says they’ve worked with IZZY STRADLIN, STIV BATORS, SYL SYLVAIN and DRAMARAMA among others in the past, so you know these guys can’t be wrong. This is short, but these 3 songs are a pretty good introduction to the band and this EP will definitely make you want to listen to more! /Laurent C.
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