Prophets Of Addiction “Nothing But The Truth”

Hollywood glam punks PROPHETS OF ADDICTION return with a semi-acoustic/stripped down version of the band, basically Lesli Sanders and Glenn Gilbert who toured together as a duo in the US last year when drummer Wayne Stokely wasn’t able to be with them on the road for health reasons. The cool DOGS D’AMOUR styled cover art and opening song “American Dream” set the tone of this album which often sounds close to Tyla’s solo records. Some people say that a good song must sound great when played acoustic, and this is the case with “Babylon Boulevard” that you can also hear on the band’s first album. The whole vibe aso sometimes brings GUNS N’ ROSES “Lies” acoustic side, or The ROLLING STONES to mind. Things aren’t always sad, heart-broken, gloomy or dark (the cowboyish “Last Of The Words”) and the acoustic version of “Spare The Bullets’ which was released on the band’s second album “Reunite The Sinners” is very catchy too. Tyla’s influence can also be heard in “Atmosphere”, “Return The Smile” and in “Heart Of Mine.” “Nothing But The Truth” shows us a different side of PROPHETS OF ADDICTION that suits them very well too. /Laurent C.
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X-Darlings “Dead Toy Capital Of The World”

X-DARLINGS started as a studio duo (Harry Darling of BITCH QUEENS and Isabela Eder of DELILAHS) and has evolved into a full band introducing themselves with this debut album “Dead Toy Capital Of The World.” Opening song “Are You Talking To Me?” hits hard since it mixes infuences such as DEVO and The CRAMPS with a glam vibe. This song actually reminds me of the amazing PINK GREASE. You’ll hear some garage rock’n’roll guitars in “There For You” and in “Laxative”, some modern rock (‘Snap Out Of It”, “Sucks To Be You” or “Particle Collision” that almost starts like BACKYARD BABIES‘ “Minus Celsius”) and some punk rock in “Keep Reading.” While the album definitely has a lot of energy and a will to make us dance, songs like “In Transit” and “Brand New Day” show us that X-DARLINGS also has an interesting quieter pop side. Quite a convincing debut album, check it out! /Laurent C.


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Plastic Tears releases new single and video “Day By Day”

Helsinki based rockers Plastic Tears fourth video and single Day by Day from the ‘Angels With Attitude’ album is released on 16th of November.

Video directed and filmed by  Erno Hankia in Helsinki and London.

Main actor Anzi Destruction is Plastic Tears former guitarist who now works as a producer and artist in London.

“Day by Day is a moody, almost desperate song, and the visually stunning video nicely brings forth the vibes of Helsinki, London and the song. When the videos director and filmer Erno Hakia suggested we’d make a video without the usul rock cliches, we we’re excited to try something different.

As Anzi does a great acting performance, we are more than happy with the result.” – Miqu December

The ‘Angels With Attitude’ album was released in June through German City of Lights Records and has gathered rave reviews around the world.

The new single shows the poppier side of the album, and with a stylish video the song rises to new dimensions as well.

Rich Ragany & The Disgressions “Like We’ll Never Make It”

It seems like Rich Ragany (The ROLE MODELS) never stops to write songs! On this first solo album, he got some help from musicians who played with The GLITTERATI, UK SUBS, SCOTT SORRY BAND, etc. The album starts very quietly with “To The Sea”, then slowly moves to some very melodic indie pop with “The World” and “Your Distance.” Names like SOUL ASYLUM or The REPLACEMENTS come to mind. Sometimes the hooks are also in the guitar melodies (“Like We’ll Never Make It”, “Lose With Me”, “Heart’s Souvenir”…), which is something you can find in a band like The CURE for instance. While this might sound like an unexpected influence, that shows us that Rich’s songwriting is not only based on one recipe. Even though melancholy is the main mood of this album, you’ll still find some positive energy when listening to these songs, and it’s quite obvious when listening to the STONES influenced “Scotty Thompson” and “Story Highway.”
“Like We’ll Never Make It” is not your typical rock’n’roll/powerpop album, but it is indeed a great collection of songs standing somewhere in between indie pop and Americana. Laurent C.

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Ashtones “Who Are The Leper Messiahs?”

Lille’s undisputed street punk rock’n’roll  kings ASHTONES are back with a new 10 song album, and opening song “We Are Your Leper” shows us that they still have things to say when it comes to rockin’! This time you’ll hear more melody in “Any Lou Reed At Night”, “Success” (you’ll hear some slight DOGS D’AMOUR and GUNS N’ ROSES influences in this one) and in “Ballad Of The Lower Fives Side.” At times, the guitar riffs tend to sound more hard rock (especially in the song intros), but the usual ASHTONES ingredients can still be found in this new album, which means you’ll still hear some ’77 punk influences, as well as some out of control vocals and wild backing vocals. “Porcupine Gigolo” and “Tonight, Eating Pizzas” bring early TURBONEGRO to mind and songs like “Dirty Romance”, “Rattlesnake” or the street punk “Let The Monkey” must hit you right in the face when played live. Actually, it’s a good thing that the production of this album is definitely on the live edge.
The MANIC STREET PREACHERS used to sing “Condemned To Rock’n’Roll”, and ASHTONES join them when shouting “Victims Of Rock’n’Roll!” If you haven’t heard of them yet, then it’s never too late… /Laurent C.

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Jollys “Cosmic Heels” 7″

Chicago’s JOLLYS have just released a new 3 song EP released by Australian record label Salty Dog. “Cosmic Heels” is a glam rock song with lots of reverb and a garage rock production. The songs sounds a bit like a dirtier version of GIUDA, contemporary glitter rock with 70s roots. “It’s You” will take you to the 60s with its cool psych pop vibe. It brings bands like The DANDY WARHOLS or The BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE to mind. The third song on here, “I Don’t Mind” sounds as if it was taken right from the 70s, with a bit of an ALICE COOPER feel. Short but really sweet! But guess what? The band has also released “Sweet Freak”, their debut full length album in October (released on cassette by Dumpster Tapes), and you’ll hear 10 songs in the same vein, with more glam punk influences in songs like “Dolls”, “Waste Of Time”, “I Don’t Wanna Take You Home”, or “Be A Punk.” /Laurent C.

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