Smash Fashion “Rompus Pompous”

L.A. glittery rock’n’roll dandies SMASH FASHION set the goals high with their previous album “Big Cat Love.” They are back with this new 11 song album in which the 60s and 70s influences you heard in their previous record are still obvious. Opening song “Can’t Take You Anywhere” has a bit of CHEAP TRICK in it, so you know from the start that the band hasn’t changed much with this new album. “Soft As A Rock (Helium Head)” mixes 60s pop to late 70s/80s classic rock with style while “Rompus Pompous” is a modern glam rock song that reminds me a bit of LOUIS XIV. While the band has strong British influences (You’ll hear some T.REX in “Proper Way To Eat A Muffin”), they can also sound very American in songs like “Wolves Of Wonderland” or “Teenage Demon” that sound a bit like old KISS. SMASH FASHION even offers us a bit of psychedelia with “Tender Was The Hook” and an epic ballad (“Smiles Daggers.”) If you liked “Big Cat Love”, then chances are you will love “Rompus Pompous” and if you haven’t heard the band yet, then don’t miss this one! /Laurent C.

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