Nicotine Pretty “Real Life Glories” EP

Although NICOTINE PRETTY released two singles before, “Real Life Glories” is their debut EP (co-produced by Glunk Records.) Opening song “ByGone Boy” offers us some fine glam punk rock’n’roll reminding a bit of early MANIC STREET PREACHERS while “This Ship Ain’t Going Down” show us the snotty street punk side of NICOTINE PRETTY. The band also knows how to mix 70s punk to 90s indie melodies and catchy choruses (“Bad Whiskey”, “Over The Edge”) and if you haven’t listened to the singles before, you’ll find them on here since “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?” and “Nicotine Pretty” have been added to the track list. The music, attitude and spirit in this EP also remind me of the early 00s glam punk scene, which is a very good thing! /Laurent C.
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