Pest Modern “Rock’n’Roll Station”

PEST MODERN originally started with a cover of VINCE TAYLOR‘s “Rock’n’Roll Station” by French visual artist Joël Hubaut and his son Emmanuel (Les TETINES NOIRES, LTNO, DEAD SEXY…) These 9 songs mix rock’n’roll with surrealist spoken words to create something that could be described as retrofuturist art’n’roll. While “Rabbits On The Moon” start in quite cinematic, experimental way, “Bouche and Bouche” brings SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK and SUICIDE to mind (the band played at the ALAN VEGA tribute show in Paris on June 23.) Some surf rock and CRAMPS influences can be heard in “Pest Modern”, “Ligne Barbar” and “CKKE EPIDEMIK” while blues, glam, drum machine handclaps and epilepetic vocals all meet together in “Les Insectes.” You’ll also get additional electro remixes by GRANDCHAOS, AD FICTION, MIMETIK, JEMEK JEMOWIT, DEAR DEER, OBERST PANIZZA, etc. Somewhere in time, dadaism and rockabilly probably had an “enfant terrible”called PEST MODERN! “Rock’n’Roll Station” is out on Cleopatra Records, and the vinyl version is released by Meidosem Records. /Laurent C.

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