The Ringleaders “Bi-Coastal Blasphemy”

The RINGLEADERS consist of Larry May (CANDY SNATCHERS, BORN LOOSE), Hans Molnar (The HELLBENDERS), Mark Ho (HOLLYWOOD HATE), and Tim Bender (DEATH BY STEREO.) 11 tracks that aren’t too far from what BORN LOOSE do stylewise, a mix of ’77 punk and punk’n’roll. “Shine” is catchy enough to make you want to sing along, and angry enough to make you want to break stuff, and you’ll even find some 70s influences in “Bed Of Lies.” If you’re tired of hipsters, then “One Bullet, One Hipster” will probably be your new favourite anthem, and if you like your punk rock’n’roll fast and powerful, then you’ll probably enjoy “Gold Coast Woman” and “Cabin Fever” a lot. “Sicko” has a bit of DEAD KENNEDYS in it, and songs like “Run Around Clown” and “Enjoy The View” are good hard rockin’ ones!
The press release says that this album is recommended to ZEKE, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and HELLACOPTERS fan, I couldn’t say it better! “Bi-Coastal Blasphemy” is available from Hound Gawd! Records on vinyl and download. /Laurent C.

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