Hey Honcho & The Aftermaths “Chico Purito!!”

The debut album of Spanish garage punk rock’n’rollers HEY HONCHO & THE AFTERMATHS on Hound Gawd! Records. While the band definitely sounds garage, there’s also some 77 punk influences in songs like “Sally Can’t Wait”, “Can’t Stand The Pain”, “Pick Up The Phone”, or “Dull Boy.” You’ll hear some catchy choruses (“Speak To Complain”, “Fair Play!”), some angry punk’n’roll (“Coup de Grace”, “Ejecter”), and some danceable rock’n’roll tracks (“Bossman”, “Blackburn Inn.”) “Communication” suprisingly gets in MUDHONEY‘s territory, and it also fits the band quite well.
“Chico Purito!!” was recorded live in one day, and that probably was the best choice since it’s definitely full of raw, hardcore and chaotic energy! The album finishes with the DEAD BOYS classic “All This And More.” Stiv would have enjoyed.
It seems like garage rock still stands strong in Spain, and this vinyl record is a good proof of this!/Laurent C.

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Pest Modern “Rock’n’Roll Station”

PEST MODERN originally started with a cover of VINCE TAYLOR‘s “Rock’n’Roll Station” by French visual artist Joël Hubaut and his son Emmanuel (Les TETINES NOIRES, LTNO, DEAD SEXY…) These 9 songs mix rock’n’roll with surrealist spoken words to create something that could be described as retrofuturist art’n’roll. While “Rabbits On The Moon” start in quite cinematic, experimental way, “Bouche and Bouche” brings SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK and SUICIDE to mind (the band played at the ALAN VEGA tribute show in Paris on June 23.) Some surf rock and CRAMPS influences can be heard in “Pest Modern”, “Ligne Barbar” and “CKKE EPIDEMIK” while blues, glam, drum machine handclaps and epilepetic vocals all meet together in “Les Insectes.” You’ll also get additional electro remixes by GRANDCHAOS, AD FICTION, MIMETIK, JEMEK JEMOWIT, DEAR DEER, OBERST PANIZZA, etc. Somewhere in time, dadaism and rockabilly probably had an “enfant terrible”called PEST MODERN! “Rock’n’Roll Station” is out on Cleopatra Records, and the vinyl version is released by Meidosem Records. /Laurent C.

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The Ringleaders “Bi-Coastal Blasphemy”

The RINGLEADERS consist of Larry May (CANDY SNATCHERS, BORN LOOSE), Hans Molnar (The HELLBENDERS), Mark Ho (HOLLYWOOD HATE), and Tim Bender (DEATH BY STEREO.) 11 tracks that aren’t too far from what BORN LOOSE do stylewise, a mix of ’77 punk and punk’n’roll. “Shine” is catchy enough to make you want to sing along, and angry enough to make you want to break stuff, and you’ll even find some 70s influences in “Bed Of Lies.” If you’re tired of hipsters, then “One Bullet, One Hipster” will probably be your new favourite anthem, and if you like your punk rock’n’roll fast and powerful, then you’ll probably enjoy “Gold Coast Woman” and “Cabin Fever” a lot. “Sicko” has a bit of DEAD KENNEDYS in it, and songs like “Run Around Clown” and “Enjoy The View” are good hard rockin’ ones!
The press release says that this album is recommended to ZEKE, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and HELLACOPTERS fan, I couldn’t say it better! “Bi-Coastal Blasphemy” is available from Hound Gawd! Records on vinyl and download. /Laurent C.

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Brad Marino “Four Track Attack” EP

Brad Marino is the lead vocalist/guitar player of power pop band The CONNECTION. This 4 song EP sure also has a power pop flavour, but you’ll also find some glam rock’n’roll touches here and there. The interesting thing is that Brad played all the instruments on this solo EP! The songs are played with punk rock energy (“Should’ve Known”, “On The Bink”), you’ll hear a bit of ROLLING STONES in “Hey Girl.” and the power pop influences can be heard especially in “Special Friend.” This is short but sweet, and definitely a good summer EP! /Laurent C.

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Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds V/A

Wassup Rocker Radio/Alex Kish (Ohio) have decided to gather some of their favourite tracks on a free 32 song compilation.  This is a good idea to promote these underground bands as well as the radio! If you regularly read these pages, then you must be familiar with names like RAZORBATS, The CRAZY SQUEEZE, FAZ WALTZ, TEENAGE FRAMES, or The CONNECTION. The songs on here go from girl pop (LUCY AND THE RATS, The EXBATS) to garage (The DARTS, RIK & The PIGS, VOIID, GINO & The GOONS) and angry punk’n’roll (CRIMINAL KIDS.) You’ll also hear some good pop punk (GEOFF PALMER, BLACK HEART BREAKERS, LATTE), some power pop (BRAD MARINO) some modern garage (The WHY OH WHYS, STUFFT CRUST), some ’77 influenced punk rock (GLITTER TRASH, DEVIOUS ONES, PRIVATE FUNCTION, The CHEETAHS, KILLER HEARTS, KÜKEN, MOLLY & The KRELLS, The SOLD AND BONES, DIRTY CHEETAH…) and some cool glam rock’n’roll (The MATT TRUMAN EGO TRIP, The HANDCUFFS, BBQT.) You’ll even hear a bit of postpunk (ROSEGARDEN FUNERAL PARTY) ska reminding of The CLASH with XSLF.
This is free and this is good, so you should just download this compilation and then buy the releases of the bands you enjoy the most! /Laurent C.

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Idol Lips “Street Values”

Italian punk rock’n’rollers IDOL LIPS are back with a new album on German record label Wanda Records. Although the band still owes a lot to JOHNNY THUNDERS (“Too Loose”…), you’ll hear some obvious TURBONEGRO influences in “Don’t Need Your Love”, “Waiting To Die Around”, or “Too Loud For The Crowd”, and the band’s snotty spirit sometmes reminds me of The BRIEFS. The guitars are dirty, the choruses are catchy (“Feeling Blue”, “Out Of Control”), and “No One To Blame” brings GIUDA to mind, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
If you miss the 70s NYC punk sound, leopard print, pink suit jackets and safety pins, then don’t miss this album! /Laurent C.

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Plastic Tears “Angels With Attitude”

Trends come and go, and some bands just keep on doin’ their own thing. PLASTIC TEARS are one of them, playing their sleazy street rock’n’roll against all odds. Keep in mind that these guys formed in 1992 in Helsinki, Finland, and that even line-up problems haven’t managed to make them disappear. I remember first listening to their 2000 album “Stranded in Rock’n’Roll”, and being impressed by their glam rock’n’roll. Here on this new record, “Dark Passenger” hits hard from the start with a powerful and catchy chorus, just before the HANOÏ ROCKS influence seriously kicks in with “Secret Society”, “Nuclear Nights”, “Miss Stumbling Legs”, and the dramatic “Day By Day.” Their explosive punk’n’roll influences can be heard in “Iris Kick” while they show their ability to write glammy hits with “Blue Angel.” “Universal Kids” puts a perfect final touch to this new album which should be in your 2018 favourites if you’re into sleaze rock.
Not many bands play this style of music anymore, and they do it very well! So this is another reason for you to get “Angels With Attitude”! /Laurent C.

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