Badass Mother Fuzzers “Heartbreaker”

This French band has toured in the USA last year, and although I’ve never heard of them before, they seem to have played quite a lot so far since their 2015 live debut in New York. These three guys share influences such as The SONICS (“Dog On A Leash”) and you’ll also hear some speed-up surf rock touches in “Gotta Stop” and in “Don’t Give a Damn” that bring the DEAD KENNEDYS to mind. Songs like “Heartbreaker”, “Hey Hey Hey”, “Feel Alright”, or “Love” sound more punk rock’n’roll while “The Other Side” has a cool CRAMPS-esque atmosphere. You’ll also hear an obvious CLASH influence in “Well Well Well”, and a slight DOGS touch in “Shoot Me Down” or in “I Can’t See.” BADASS MOTHER FUZZERS have opened for bands like DR FEELGOOD and The REAL KIDS, so you’ll probably hear more about them soon. In the meantime, check out this album! /Laurent C.
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