Hollywood Killerz “The Starving Sound”

Torino’s sleaziest killerz are back with a new 14 song digipack CD. The intro of “Mean Streets” and its STOOGES-esque guitar riff shows us from the start that the band still like their punk rock with a hard rock touch, or their hard rock with a punk rock touch?… If BACKYARD BABIES and MURDERDOLLS had a bastard child, then it would probably have written songs like “Glitter Free Paranoid” or “Little Electric Smile”, and songs like “Corroded Heart”, “Memory District”, or “What I Left Behind” aren’t far from the latest MICHAEL MONROE albums. The band sometimes slow things down to offer us the catchy “Black Coffee Song”, the darker “Local Rubbish Dealer” or the DEAD BOYS influenced “The Ballad Of Sore Perception”, and the glam punk roots of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ also shows in “Filthy” or “Mind Your Meds.”
Not convinced yet? Then just listen to the D-GENERATED “I Just Wanna Get Some Junk”! Another cool album you should get… What? You still haven’t heard of HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ? Where have you been all this time? /Laurent C.

Hollywood Killerz


The Irradiates “Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost”

10 previously unreleased, live, or rare songs by France’s best surf rock band The IRRADIATES. “All You Need Is… Transmutation” puts you right into the band’s vintage sci-fi world with some strident punked-up surf rock. “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die” is a great song title, and no wonder that you can hear the DEAD KENNEDYS‘ spirit in it. The IRRADIATES have never been a trad surf band, but they sometimes get close to it in songs like “Ca$h” or “Dr. Holidays.”
While the tracks are mostly instrumental, you’ll hear some vocals in “Slide Machine” (13th ELEVATORS cover with JERRY SPIDER GANG‘s vocalist Lo as a guest), “Everything Turns Grey” (live AGENT ORANGE cover with Mike Palm guesting on vocals!), or in “Knowledge From Abroad” that surprisingly almost sounds like a FUGAZI song.
This record comes out in a cool gatefold cover, including notes about each song and black and white pictures of the producers/audio engineers who worked on these songs. Good job again, guys! /Laurent C.

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Badass Mother Fuzzers “Heartbreaker”

This French band has toured in the USA last year, and although I’ve never heard of them before, they seem to have played quite a lot so far since their 2015 live debut in New York. These three guys share influences such as The SONICS (“Dog On A Leash”) and you’ll also hear some speed-up surf rock touches in “Gotta Stop” and in “Don’t Give a Damn” that bring the DEAD KENNEDYS to mind. Songs like “Heartbreaker”, “Hey Hey Hey”, “Feel Alright”, or “Love” sound more punk rock’n’roll while “The Other Side” has a cool CRAMPS-esque atmosphere. You’ll also hear an obvious CLASH influence in “Well Well Well”, and a slight DOGS touch in “Shoot Me Down” or in “I Can’t See.” BADASS MOTHER FUZZERS have opened for bands like DR FEELGOOD and The REAL KIDS, so you’ll probably hear more about them soon. In the meantime, check out this album! /Laurent C.

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The Laissez Fairs “Empire Of Mars”

The LAISSEZ FAIRS are not a British band from the 60s. They are actually from Las Vegas, NV and have just released a new album. While the mod influence is visible at first glance, you can also hear a strong psych one in the band’s music as soon as “High Horse” starts, reminding the hindu era of The BEATLES in the arrangements. When you listen to “Like Mrs Peel In Leather”, you immediately think that, despite the OASIS touches in it, the way the song is mixed bring us back to the 60s. “Wanna Make You Mine”, “Again Again Again”, and “Empire of Mars” are darker in a DOORS way, while “Almost Got You Made”, “A Girl Insane”, and “Silhouette Suzy” bring the pop side of the band out. The ROLLING STONES and The WHO are never too far when you listen to a song like “Higher Than You’d Meant To Go”, and you can even hear some PINK FLOYD in “Moving To Slow.”
This album also sometimes reminded me a bit of Matt Cameron’s  HATER  for some reason, which is not a bad thing to me. Rather than being just a revival album, this is a timeless one. /Laurent C.

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