Razorbats “II”

This is already the second release of Norway’s RAZORBATS. Their first album sounded young and fresh, but saying that they have become more mature would probably be insulting! On the other hand, RAZORBATS have become tighter as a band and it can be heard as soon as the album starts with glitter rock anthem “The Waiting.” You’ll hear more melody in “Take It Out On The Road”, and in “Social Rejects” that brings The HELLACOPTERS to mind. “Dead Boy City” is quite surprising in a good way since it sounds like a HANOÏ ROCKS song! I really liked the 70s KISS influence int he first album, and it can still be heard as well in songs like “Bad Teacher” or “Sister Siberia.” You’ll also find some ’77 punk touches in “Nowhere” and in “Send In The Clowns’ although the choruses can also be poppy at times (“Going Underground”), and we won’t complain about that.
This second album shows us that RAZORBATS are probbaly one of the best Scandanivian bands at the moment, and I’m still impressed with the band’s ability to write catchy songs, just check it out!/Laurent C.

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