Razorbats “II”

This is already the second release of Norway’s RAZORBATS. Their first album sounded young and fresh, but saying that they have become more mature would probably be insulting! On the other hand, RAZORBATS have become tighter as a band and it can be heard as soon as the album starts with glitter rock anthem “The Waiting.” You’ll hear more melody in “Take It Out On The Road”, and in “Social Rejects” that brings The HELLACOPTERS to mind. “Dead Boy City” is quite surprising in a good way since it sounds like a HANOÏ ROCKS song! I really liked the 70s KISS influence int he first album, and it can still be heard as well in songs like “Bad Teacher” or “Sister Siberia.” You’ll also find some ’77 punk touches in “Nowhere” and in “Send In The Clowns’ although the choruses can also be poppy at times (“Going Underground”), and we won’t complain about that.
This second album shows us that RAZORBATS are probbaly one of the best Scandanivian bands at the moment, and I’m still impressed with the band’s ability to write catchy songs, just check it out!/Laurent C.

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The Claws “S/T” EP

Singer Chad Cherry and drummer Nathan Arling, both members of The LAST VEGAS play in this L.A. based rock’n’roll band that originally started as an acoustic project between guitar player Gary Martin and Chad Cherry. Bassist Terry Love was found later, and the gang was joined by Nathan Arling when he moved out to Los Angeles.
The CLAWS get most of their influences from the 60s and 70s, from “Highwire”/”Wasting Time” and their early AEROSMITH feel to “Moonlight Creepin'” bringing  The ROLLING STONES to mind. The early 80s can also be heard in “Stumbling Around” and its songwriting and guitars that can make you think about HANOÏ ROCKS‘.
The good thing about this EP is that although it definitely has its roots in the past, it doesn’t sound revival or cliché. Four songs is short, but they definitely will make you want to hear more! /Laurent C.

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Suzie Stapleton releases new single “Negative Prophet”

Suzie Stapleton‘s new single “Negative Prophet” is out on Feb 22nd. Since relocating to London in 2015, the Australian alternative artist has been captivating audiences with her electric live performances, midnight vocal, and guitar-driven noir soundsscapes whilst touring with artists such as Mark Lanegan, Mick Harvey, and Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind. “Negative Prophet” is an isolated protest in an oversaturated world where the powerful feed on the powerless. Recorded and produced by Stapleton with the help of guest bassist Fred Lyenn Jacques (Mark Lanegan Band). She has also been working on several collaborations including providing guest vocals on Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove‘s “Under The Covers” and The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (Nick Cave, Iggy Pop Debbie Harry +).

Stapleton is touring Australia, Czech Republic, and France in Spring before returning to London to perform with her band – bassist Gavin Jay (Jim Jones Revu & Righteous Mind) and drummer Jim Macaulay (The Stranglers) – on May 11th at The Finsbury Pub. More UK dates including festivals will be announced in the coming weeks.

March 1st The Junk Bar  Brisbane, AUS
March 2nd MoshPit Sydney, AUS
March 3rd  The Yarra Melbourne, AUS
March 10th MONA Hobart, AUS
March 23-24 Zizkovska Noc Festival Prague, CZ
April 13 Nantes, FR
April 14 Brest, FR
April 15 Orleans, FR
Thursday May 11 The Finsbury Pub London, UK

More UK dates inc. Festivals TBA Shortly


Guttercats “Follow Your Instinct”

Paris’ GUTTERCATS are back with a 4th album already. Opener “A Trip Down Memory Lane” displays more pop influences than in their previous works, although you still can hear the obvious GUN CLUB influence. The band also gets darker with “(Beyond The Limits) Before I Die”, the guitars still have this cowboy slide feel, and the drums sometimes get crazy à la Keith Moon. You’ll hear some 60s influences in “I Wonder”, “I Promise” (and its psychedelic end), as well as in the sax infused ballad “Sweet Little Sister” (not to be mistaken for SKID ROW‘s famous sleaze rock’n’roll hit!)
My personal favourite is probably “Follow Your Instinct” and its repetitive, yet groovy hypnotic post-punk tones.
The band’s music sometimes gets close to NICK CAVE‘s (“Don’t Cry On My Shoulder”), and often gets drama-romantic (“Down In a Hole”, “No Remorse No Regrets”) although “On The Road” reminds me of Guts’ old band BABY STRANGE since it goes more into early 90s British glam rock’n’roll territories.
The production of this new album fits the band very well since it sounds live enough to imagine how these songs can sound once they are played on a stage and under the lights.
Let’s face it, GUTTERCATS are only getting better and better with age, just like good wine!/Laurent C.

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The So Lows “Alto”

When European winter gets dark and cold, it’s nice to listen to something that can take you far away. The SO LOWS are based in Los Angeles and play bluesy rock’n’roll that will make you feel like you’re walking in the desert, looking at the sky. Opening song “Gotta Get You” has quite a catchy poppy chorus, and “Dead Horse” brings the first BLACK CROWES album to mind, which can’t be a bad thing! You’ll hear quite a few soul influences in songs like “Time Forgot” or “Junkies and Rosaries”, and The ROLLING STONES could have co-written “Romance” or “Gimme Some Lip.” The CHERRY BOMBZ also come to mind at times.
While a song like “Alone and Blue” could be featured in the soundtrack of a 50s/60s movie, You’re Mine” makes me think of IZZY STRADLIN‘s solo albums. When you open your eyes after the laste note of “On My Way”, you might realize you’re not in California, Nevada, or Arizona, but you’ll have to thank the So Lows for the cheap quality trip!
In 2018, The So Lows might just be what you need! /Laurent C.


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The Dirty Truckers “Best Of”

I’m probably not the only person in the world who only found out about The DIRTY TRUCKERS thanks to their “Tiger Stripes” EP, but their first record “Bush League Romance” was actually released in 2001!
This “Best Of” goes through the band career and offers us 22 songs influenced by The REPLACEMENTS (“Like Him”, “All She Ever Wanted, “Stranger In Disguise”, ”Backpack”…) and 70s American rock’n’roll (“Sea Pines”, “Off The Hook.”) The mix of 90s indie rock and country influences also brings SOUL ASYLUM to mind in songs like “Boston Wrangler”, “Just Run Away”, or “Human Contact”, and songs like “Settle Down”, ‘Heavy Metal Weekend”, “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Water Me Down”, or “Croscutting Concerns” are good catchy rock songs that every American rock’n’roll fan should check out. There’s also a ROLLING STONES touch in “3 Weeks To Go”, “Star In My dreams”, or “Not That Into You”, and The DIRTY TRUCKERS also successfully flirt with punk rock in “Been Around.”
22 songs might be a bit long, but this “Best Of” is never boring. /Laurent C.

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