Doll Hazard “Transatlantic Meltdown”

Chris Damien Doll (TRASHCAN DARLINGS, SUCIDE BOMBERS…) and Sandy Hazard (MCRACKINS, DIRTBAG REPUBLIC) have joined forced to offer us this 10 song album. Chris handled guitar and bass, Sandy took care of the drums, and both shared vocals in order to create this Norway-Canada sleaze rock alliance. The duo met through their love for glam and punk rock, so you can imagine what kind of music you’ll hear on this album. You’ll get some great catchy choruses (“Rock’n’Roll Prostitute”, “You’re In My Head”) and some killer hard rockin’ tunes (“Fire & Gasoline”, “Grams (Off My Shoulders)”.) The punk influence can mostly be heard in songs like “Sci-Fi Child”, while the 80s Sunset Strip one can be found in “No Valentine Cards.” Both vocals mix very well together, and it seems like distance wasn’t a problem at all to give birth to these songs.
“Transatlantic Meltdown” will be a CD only release, so you know what you have to do! /Laurent C.
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