Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders Song Premiere: Drink Gasoline, Spit Fire

This is the first song from Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders’ new record “Beneath the Surface,” out in November on Rusty Knuckles Records. This is a song about one night drinking in a bar in Los Angeles that resulted in a couple of fights and some broken bottles. It’s about the things people sometimes say and do when they’re fueled by alcohol.

Plastic Tears releases new “Iris Kick” single and video

Helsinki based rock band Plastic Tears has been working hard on recording their new album. The Angels with Attitude album is finally ready, and a teaser from it is offered with the new single Iris Kick, for which also a video is ready.
– Iris Kick is an energetic and catchy street rock anthem, which certainly will not leave anyone cold, says band singer Miqu December.

The band is inspired by the sounds of classic rock’n’roll: Alice Cooper, Slade, Blondie, Smack, Ramones, Lords of the New Church, Hanoi Rocks, Dogs D’amour, CCR, New York Dolls, Clash and Rolling Stones etc. The band sees themselves as a kind of rock/punk/pop/glam hybrid.

– That’s what Plastic Tears is made of. The upcoming album has eleven songs that are quite different between themselves, knitted together by a never give up attitude and the love of music. We have not yet decided for an exact date for the album, we’ll release a couple of singles first, Miqu December explains.

The new music video is pretty much DIY, but the result is excellent. The video was directed and cut by Eco Inkinen. Iris Kick was recorded by Sammy Aaltonen at East Sound studios in Helsinki. Gifted friends and a “If no one does it for you, do it better yourself” attitude are the cornerstones of the band’s long life.
– We hope the new single and the upcoming album will open doors and bring new contacts and partners. We have a terrible craving to do this and take the band forward!

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