WolfWolf “The Cryptid Zoo”

WOLFWOLF ia a garage blues duo that sounds a bit like a Bavarian party from hell! You can hear some trashy guitars in their music and the atmosphere in these songs seems to be an illustration of these guy’s own universe in which you can find joyful things like blind butchers, grave diggers and hunters from hell. Songs like “Creeps of The World”, “Creepy Things”, or “Grave Digger” flirt with horror rock, while “Linzer Walzer” and “Poor Cow” almost have a TOM WAITS feel. If you like surf rock, you will enjoy “Roswell 47” for sure, and if you’re into crazy stuff like MR. BUNGLE, just check “Tuzemak”! WOLFWOLF also has an obvious psychobilly side, showing mostly in “Leave This Town.”
I can’t promise I will listen to this record every week, but this is definitely worth checking out if you need to add a bit of craziness in your world. /Laurent C.

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Midnight Crisis “Heart Beatings”

Drummer Marty E. (The DIRTY PEARLS) turns into a frontman in this NYC based band. Opener “Take Control” has a cool vibe (although I was afraid it would start with a U2 cover after listening to the drum intro!), somewhere in between early GUNS N’ ROSES, BANG TANGO and The CULT. You sometimes get to think about The THROBS (“Midnight Somewhere”, “Sister Vicodin”) and their sleazy street rock’n’roll, or about ZODIAC MINDWARP (“Kiss My Apocalipps”) and their decadent choruses when listening to this 8 song album. The band’s darker side shows in “Make It Alright”, or in the 80s influenced “Bloodbath Wine”, two songs flirting with goth’n’roll and the spirit of The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH.
“Heart Beatings” proves that NYC hard rock’n’roll is still alive, even if it’s been hiding in the dark lately… /Laurent C.

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Gypsy Roller “S/T”

Opening song “Rock’n’Roll Stroller” sets the mood right from the start: 70s glam rock à la Gary Glitter! Lead vocalist/Lyricist Gil Soliz teamed up with Allen Davis who co-wrote, produced and engineered this second album. Bowie‘s shadow also wanders around these songs, especially in “Goodbye To Sorrows.” The atmosphere sometimes gets close to the best of 90s Britpop (PULP, SUEDE…) on songs like “Lost In Some Old Melody”, or “I Can’t Live For Yesterdays.” The production is quite impressive when it comes to that 70s glam vibe we all love, just listen to the drums on “Gypsy Roller Theme”! Songs like “When She Comes Alive”, or “Simple Life” kinda modernize that good old glitter feel made of claps, reverb, hooks, and “yeahs!”, although you’ll still want to clap your hands and stomp your feet the old-school SLADE way! Just try and resist “Take It Back”! Well, Oscar Wilde once said “I can resist anything but temptation”…
Let’s hope this album will be as successful as GIUDA’s ones, and if you want to help with that, you can get the digisleeve CD version from French record label Alive and Kickin’. /Laurent C.

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Born Loose “Torn Up Heart” 7″

One of the rawest bands around is back with two new songs on a nice looking piece of orange vinyl (although there’s three different versions available) and a cool old-school collage cover by Rock Rodine. If you’re not familiar with BORN LOOSE, maybe you remember singer Larry May’s former band CANDY SNATCHERS. Larry still has this cool Jello Biafra kind of thing in his voice, and the band’s music is still loud and pissed off. “Torn Up Heart” sounds like an epileptic version of The STOOGES, and “Game Over” will bring early NY punk images to your mind.
Of course, this is fast, aggressive and sleazy, but what else can you expect from BORN LOOSE?
This vinyl only 7″ (no download or streaming) is a collaboration between Hound Gawd! Records, Reptilian Records, and Robellion Music, the band’s own label, so be quick! /Laurent C.

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