Neon Animal “Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead”

Sadly, the London rock’n’roll scene has been deadly quiet these last years, and only past images of England’s capital remain exciting when its name comes to mind… Nervertheless, it would be sad to live in nostalgia, and that’s what NEON ANIMAL seem to have understood. Fronted by BUBBLEGUM SCREW lead singer Mark Thorn, the band offers us 8 songs of vintage rock’n’roll with a modern sound and big STOOGES/IGGY POP influences in songs like “Spin”, or “From Hero To Zero.” Stiv Bators also comes to mind when listening to “Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead”, “Bedtime Stories” this one could have been on a LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH album!), or “This Is The End” and its dark 70s mood.
Classy comic strip style artwork and sexy rock’n’roll have never been a bad mix, and this is what you’ll get on this debut release. So, I don’t know if this album will bring back rock’n’roll from the dead, but it could definitely help to make it exciting again! /Laurent C.
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