Grand Royale “Breaking News”

Swedish rockers GRANDE ROYALE are back with a third album produced by Nicke Andersson (The HELLACOPTERS, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, ENTOMBED…), which only appears as logical since songs like “Brake Light”‘, or “Breaking News” sound quite similar to IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC and late HELLACOPTERS. GRANDE ROYALE shares a passion for 70s rock (especially early KISS), and Detroit proto-punk with these two bands, and it shows throughout “Breaking News”.
Groovy bass and melodic choruses on songs like “Devil’s Place”, or “I’m On The Loose” (and if you’ve been missing cowbell, then this song is definitely for you!) underline the 70s vibe, and the band sometimes gets close to US power pop in a CHEAP TRICK way on “Live With Your Lie”, or even sound almost grungy on “Daily Illustration.”
Fans of Scandinavian rock will love “Got to Move” and “R’N’R Business”, and there’s no doubt that “Breaking News” will be their new favourite album! /Laurent C.