New King Pizza Records releases: The Mad Doctors and The Nuclears

Brooklyn’s King Pizza Records have two new releases out:

The Mad Doctors “No Waves Just Sharks”
Noisy garage rock with sci-fi surf influences (“The Ballad of Jort Dad”, “Dead Beach”) that sometimes have a bit of a MUDHONEY feel (“Springwater Super Wizard”, “Lords of Garbage.”) Garage rock’n’roll fans will love “Justin’s A Cop”, “She’s a Psycho”, or “Mind Rot.” The band sometimes flirts with stoner rock (“The Rats Are Coming”), but doesn’t fall into the trendy clichés of the style. In fuzz they trust!

The Nuclears “Record High” EP
Party punk rock’n’roll with a dose of irony.”Record High”, or “Rekall” bring the best of 00s Scandinavian rock’n’roll to mind, while “One Day You Might” is a fun BEATLES style song that will make you smile. These guys also bring BLACK SABBATH‘ spirit back to life in “Eclipso II: Black Atom”, and will make you dance with the 70s rock’n’roll influenced “Afterparty.”

Toward Space “The Bomb That Fell”

Opening song “The Bomb That Fell” put you straight into the band’s world made of crazy garage rock’n’roll and spooky atmospheres, something you don’t hear much these days when you think about it. “Black Cat” sounds more 90s grungy/noisy rock while “Night Sorrows” is straight punky power pop with a MISFITS/RAMONES touch.
The mix of female/male vocals works really well and adds even more variety to these seven songs, since the band can easily jump from punk rock to noisy pop with KATE BUSH intonations (‘Dream Love Kill”), or wild chaotic garage with a bubblegum touch (“Swamp Theme.”) When listening to this album, you might think it’s quite surprising, almost confusing at times, but wait until you hear “Take Peace”, a 60s/70s influenced pop ballad with a guitar solo bringing J. Mascis to mind, or the powerpop/psychedelia mix in “Black Magic.”
“The Bomb That Fell” is the perfect title for this risky, uncompromising album, and hearing this from a young band is quite refreshing! /Laurent C.

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Jenkinses “Langered” EP

The JENKINSES from Brussels, Belgium describe themselves as “the best kept secret in rock’n’roll”, and they might be right! The band formed in 2013 with former NERVOUS SHAKES members and have been through different line-ups before offering us this 5 song EP. Opening song “Down” bring the NEW YORK DOLLS and The SEX PISTOLS to mind,”No Shame” and “Cheesy Speech” have a bit of a HANGMEN meets GUN CLUB vibe, “That Was My House” could have been on a JOHNNY THUNDERS album, and “Such a Clown” is a great ’77 punk song in the vein of The PROFESSIONALS.
This is the kind of EP you should be listening to right now if you’re into good rock”n’roll! /Laurent C.

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The Loose Lips “Get Loose…” EP

The LOOSE LIPS, from Long Island, NY are not the same band that released “Talkin’ Trash” in 1999 (LOOSE LIPS) on TKO Records, but they sure share some dirty, trashy rock’n’oll influences. “Heels” opens this 5 song EP in a NEW YORK DOLLS way, before a very British rock “Beautfiful Flower.” You can also hear these British influences in “Orange”, that brings The LIBERTINES to mind, but The LOOSE LIPS often sounds like a mix of garage and proto-punk, especially in “Vampire’, “Raqqa Roll”, or “Full Circle.”
A new band to keep an eye on, especially if you’re sick of polished bands that all sound the same, and if you ‘re not afraid of a bit of chaos! /Laurent C.

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Dead End “Suicide Notes”

French punk rock band DEAD END has been around for more than 20 years! Despite all those years and numerous line-up changes, Wattie (vocals/guitar) always managed to keep DEAD END alive and kicking.
On this new album, you can obviously hear Wattie’s punk rock’n’roll roots in songs like “Autophobia”, “The Cheater”, “Loser”, or “Shout”, and while some songs like “Bring Us Solutions”, or “Political Shits” are on the edge of pop punk, they also have a strong anarcho punk feel, which doesn’t make DEAD END an easy band to label. Wattie’s vocals have also always contributed to make DEAD END stand out, and this new album is no exception!… Songs like “Love Is Pain”, or “Degeneration” manage to keep a raw punk rock energy mixed to a darker feel. On the other hand, “N.O.V.A.” and “Forever Missed”‘ bring the best of 90s/early 00s Californian punk rock to mind with sunny and catchy choruses, and “Oi Boy!” is an ode to Oï! Some might be surprised to hear that the song “Black Thoughts” sounds like a tribute to The CURE, but it’s not surprising when you know a bit about the band and Wattie.
“Suicide Notes” proves us once again that DEAD END will never be part of “Mediocracy”, and hopefully, it will help them to finally get the recognition they deserve. /Laurent C.
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Neon Animal “Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead”

Sadly, the London rock’n’roll scene has been deadly quiet these last years, and only past images of England’s capital remain exciting when its name comes to mind… Nervertheless, it would be sad to live in nostalgia, and that’s what NEON ANIMAL seem to have understood. Fronted by BUBBLEGUM SCREW lead singer Mark Thorn, the band offers us 8 songs of vintage rock’n’roll with a modern sound and big STOOGES/IGGY POP influences in songs like “Spin”, or “From Hero To Zero.” Stiv Bators also comes to mind when listening to “Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead”, “Bedtime Stories” this one could have been on a LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH album!), or “This Is The End” and its dark 70s mood.
Classy comic strip style artwork and sexy rock’n’roll have never been a bad mix, and this is what you’ll get on this debut release. So, I don’t know if this album will bring back rock’n’roll from the dead, but it could definitely help to make it exciting again! /Laurent C.
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Grand Royale “Breaking News”

Swedish rockers GRANDE ROYALE are back with a third album produced by Nicke Andersson (The HELLACOPTERS, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, ENTOMBED…), which only appears as logical since songs like “Brake Light”‘, or “Breaking News” sound quite similar to IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC and late HELLACOPTERS. GRANDE ROYALE shares a passion for 70s rock (especially early KISS), and Detroit proto-punk with these two bands, and it shows throughout “Breaking News”.
Groovy bass and melodic choruses on songs like “Devil’s Place”, or “I’m On The Loose” (and if you’ve been missing cowbell, then this song is definitely for you!) underline the 70s vibe, and the band sometimes gets close to US power pop in a CHEAP TRICK way on “Live With Your Lie”, or even sound almost grungy on “Daily Illustration.”
Fans of Scandinavian rock will love “Got to Move” and “R’N’R Business”, and there’s no doubt that “Breaking News” will be their new favourite album! /Laurent C.