The Hip Priests “Those Fuckin’ Boys – A Decade Of Disdain”

This CD/double vinyl compilation celebrates 10 years of debauchery and nihilism with 27 high energy punk’n’roll songs. UK punk influences collide with TURBONEGRO in order to create some explosive garage rock’n’roll chaos (“Juiced Up ‘N’ Loose”, “Make War Not Love”, “Jesus Died So We Could Ride”, “Mystical Freaks”…), fast street punk (“Black ‘N ‘Blue”, “I’m A Fuckin’ Genius”, “Saints Of Excess”…) and dirty glam influenced anthems (“Sha Na Na Na Nihilist”, “Woe Is Me”…) Their love for 70s glam rock can also be heard in ROXY MUSIC‘s classic cover “Do The Strand”, and in their version of ALICE COOPER‘s “It It My Body.” You’ll also hear a bit of MISFITS in “Welcome To The Garage Dump”, or in “Children Of The Execution.”
Listening to songs like “Spasm Gang”, “Raised On Rage”, Love Is The Drugs”, or “Golden Black” makes you think that The HIP PRIESTS must be quite a wild live band!
The “Last Motherfuckers Left Alive?”, well, while the high energy punk rock’n’roll scene sadly has been quite quiet these last years, you can still count on The HIP PRIESTS…1, 2,3, Go! /Laurent C.