The Hip Priests “Those Fuckin’ Boys – A Decade Of Disdain”

This CD/double vinyl compilation celebrates 10 years of debauchery and nihilism with 27 high energy punk’n’roll songs. UK punk influences collide with TURBONEGRO in order to create some explosive garage rock’n’roll chaos (“Juiced Up ‘N’ Loose”, “Make War Not Love”, “Jesus Died So We Could Ride”, “Mystical Freaks”…), fast street punk (“Black ‘N ‘Blue”, “I’m A Fuckin’ Genius”, “Saints Of Excess”…) and dirty glam influenced anthems (“Sha Na Na Na Nihilist”, “Woe Is Me”…) Their love for 70s glam rock can also be heard in ROXY MUSIC‘s classic cover “Do The Strand”, and in their version of ALICE COOPER‘s “It It My Body.” You’ll also hear a bit of MISFITS in “Welcome To The Garage Dump”, or in “Children Of The Execution.”
Listening to songs like “Spasm Gang”, “Raised On Rage”, Love Is The Drugs”, or “Golden Black” makes you think that The HIP PRIESTS must be quite a wild live band!
The “Last Motherfuckers Left Alive?”, well, while the high energy punk rock’n’roll scene sadly has been quite quiet these last years, you can still count on The HIP PRIESTS…1, 2,3, Go! /Laurent C.

White Demons “Bleed It Out”

Hailing out of Phoenix, AZ, WHITE DEMONS released their first album “Say Go” in 2006, and got positive feedback from Kim Fowley, himself! Well, these guys are influenced by bands like AC/DC and the DEAD BOYS, so they can’t go wrong!
“Bleed It Out” hits us in the face right from the start with “Clot When I Bleed” and “Humiliation”, delivering a perfect mix of sleazy street rock and high energy punk rock’n’roll, something that has been hard to find since the demise of The BLACK HALOS.
“Suspending The Laughs”, “Rolling On My Spine” (great catchy chorus!), and “So Bad” bring the best of Scandinavian rock’n’roll to mind, while you’ll hear a bit of JOHNNY THUNDERS and HANOÏ ROCKS in “Beautiful Remains”, and in “Don’t Wanna Be Damned.”
Vocals fueled with cigarettes and whisky mixed to teenage hooligan backing vocals always work in that style, as you can hear in “Lost Gone and Forgotten”, and a song like “Shake It Lose” could have been on the last MICHAEL MONROE album.
It’s a mystery why I haven’t heard about WHITE DEMONS before, so if you’re like me, don’t miss this one!/Laurent C.
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Shanda & The Howlers “Trouble”

When you listen to this album, it’s hard to imagine that you’re listening to a band that only started playing together two years ago! First, because they sound as if they’ve been haunting dark smokey clubs for years, and then because they almost sound as an original rhythm & blues band!
Leas singer Shanda’s voice is soulful and powerful, and the guitar/bass/drums and sax sound very natural, as if they were playing just right next to you. Songs like “Born With a Broken Heart”, or “She Don’t Want a Man” will please OTIS REDDING, SAM COOKE and Motown fans while those of you who enjoyed AMY WHINEHOUSE will probably love “Don’t Need Your Love” and “Trouble’s Out To Play.”
In 2017, The ROLLING STONES are getting back to their bluesy roots, and you’ll feel the same vibe here in “Don’t Wait Up” and “Mind Made Up.”
This album deserves a vinyl release, but for now, it is available in CD, on Rum Bar Records. /Laurent C.
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Lester Greenowski/The Empire Strikes Split 7″

LESTER GREENOWSKI just celebrated his 15 years on the road, spreading the glam punk word around Europe since the LANDSLIDE LADIES glittery days. It’s no surprise that the first song “Mantra (Another Ramones Rip Off)” is a RAMONES tribute since the gang of New York always had a big influence on LESTER‘s music. This song could have been on a KEVIN K album too. “Wasted Mary Ann” is a catchy glammy punk rock’n’roll tune with Steve Jones influenced guitars and great backing vocals.
I didn’t know The EMPIRE STRIKES before, but listening to the first notes of “Enter The Denim” is enough to make you think that these guys are from Scandivavia (Helsinki, Finland.) The late HELLACOPTERS influence is quite obvious, but they add a pretty interesting poppy touch to it, you’ll even hear a bit of CHEAP TRICK in “Ms Mrs. Andersson.”
Behind this fun cartoon cover, you’ll get some of the best contemporary Euro rock’n’roll around! This 7″ is out on Area Pirata Records../Laurent C.

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