Criminal Party “La Révolution Bourgeoise”

Even though you might have not heard them before, CRIMINAL PARTY started in 1986 in Italy, but they only released their first CD in 1999. This new album comes out with a French title and French revolution influenced artwork. The band’s music stands somewhere between old-school punk rock’n’roll and hard rock, but also borrows influences from various styles. Thus, CRIMINAL PARTY manages to have a strong identity reinforced with a mix of female vocals, rock’n’roll piano, 70s keyboards and a grarage sound. The guitar riffs sometimes bring the DEAD BOYS/JOHNNY THUNDERS/The DAMNED to mind (“Angry and Tired”, “Join Us”, “Rebel World”, “Burned Generation”), and the vocals melodies sometimes lean towards the RAMONES (“What About You.”) You’ll even get a LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH feel in “Assault at the Central Bank.”)
Speaking of Stiv Bators and friends, for some reason, the epic atmosphere at times made me think of The WANDERERS with a SIOUXSIE feel, especially in “Crime After Crime” and “In a Time Machine”, I’ve also enjoyed their darker experimental side in “Deep Crisis.”
This album is a bit long (17 songs!), but it’s quite fun to listen to, definitely worth trying! /Laurent C.

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Tattooed Millionaires are back!

Minnie-Apple Records and Tapes recording Artist Tattooed Millionaires (ASCAP) announce new lineup, new album and tour for 2017.

Tattooed Millionaires is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2004. Led by front man and founder Johnny Jetson, TM has gone through numerous controversies since its formation. They have toured internationally in support of 3 studio albums and received critical acclaim and dubious notoriety.

Recently relocated to Minneapolis the band is currently releasing new material and appearing regionally in support of bands Enuff Z’nuff (Chicago/March 18) and L.A. Guns (Detroit/July 1). The current lineup is: Jimmy Mess/Drums, Irving Rodriguez/Guitar, Skip Malone/Bass and Johnny Jetson/Vocals and Guitar.

New Single, ‘I Believe In Rock And Roll’:

Band on the Web:

Upcoming Shows:
March 18 Chicago, IL (w / Enuff Z’nuff
March 25 Chicago, IL
March 29 Minneapolis, MN
April 1 Waterloo, IA
July 1 Detroit, MI (w / LA Guns)

Bullet Proof Lovers “Shot Through The Heart”

BULLET PROOF LOVERS (fronted by Kurt Baker) are back with 12 new punk rock’n’roll/powerpop songs, sometimes close to BOSS MARTIANS (“I Am My Radio”, “Knock Down The Door”), and other times more influenced by early American punk rock’n’roll bands (“Ain’t No Joke”, “Radioactive Love”, “On Overdrive.”) You can also hear some glammy influences in songs like “Not Your Toy” and “Take It Or Leave It”, that remind me of PRIMA DONNA, and you’ll get some well crafted melodies in songs like “Heart Of Stone”, or “One Last Night.”
Whether you like pop punk or glam rock’n’roll, you won’t be able to resist “Can’t Let Go’, or “All I Want!”, you’ll just get addicted!
BULLET PROOF LOVERS‘ previous release was good, but this one is even better! Rum Bar Records are bringing us some high quality rock’n’roll on CD again! (The vinyl version will be out on Ghost Highway Records) /Laurent C.

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Cream Pie “No Secrets”

Italian band CREAM PIE has been around for a while since they started rockin’ in 2007 in the South of Italy, then later moved to Milan. On this new abum, opening track “Downtown Pirates” displays some classic modern sleaze metal, but second song “Away From Me” shows us a darker, heavier side of the band’s music, while “Naked” definitely heads to the melodic heavy metal direction.
Fans of 80s US hard rock will love “Givin’ Up”, bringing SLAUGHTER to mind, while “It’s Gonna Be Alright” has a bit of a TIGERTAILZ (Kim Hooker era) and SKID ROW feel to it. If you need more comparisons, let’s say that “Disasterpiece” has a bit of a BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION vibe… The cherry on the cake here is “Friendzoned”, a cool colourful glam metal tune that will make you want to listen to it again just after it stopped.
I’m not sure if this album needed two ballads, but apart from that, it does a good job, and if you’re into high-pitched sleaze metal like BLACKRAIN, big chances are you will love “No Secrets.” /Laurent C.
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Honest John Plain and The Greenowskis’ new video!

Here’s the brand new Honest John Plain And The Greenowskis‘ video for “Old Songs” single taken from “Acoustic Menopause” full lp out now on Action Recordz.

The video shot in Italy celebrates 7 european tours a live record during five years of happy artistic marriage between the English punk rock prime mover (The Boys, Ian Hunter, The Crybabys etc.) and the Italian combo.

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Tom Baker and The Snakes “Lookout Tower”

As soon as opening track “Gotta Find Her” starts, you know that you’re going to hear some good old American rock’n’roll on this record. Nevertheless, this is not a revivalist album, you’ll also get a modern powerpop touch on “Run It Out” and its fine guitar melodies, or on the poppy “Doll Eyes.” Songs like “Make It Hurt” or “Waitin’ For Nothing'” are on the edge of hard rock’n’roll, while “High N’ Tight” and “Satisfied Fool” both have some pretty cool STONES influences.
The REPLACEMENTS also seem to be an important band for TOM BAKER and The SNAKES, especially in the song writing and sense of melodies in a song like “Needle In The Red.”
“Maybe Come Back To Me” is very good at staying stuck in your head, just like a CHEAP TRICK song, and “Say Goodbye” closes this album in a melancholic way that makes you think that the band managed to release an album that already sounds like a classic.
“Lookout Tower” is out on March 31st, on Rum Bar Records, make sure you don’t miss it! /Laurent C.

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