Telephone Lovers “S/T”

The US powerpop scene has been very interesting these last years, and it seems like bands keep on appearing! TELEPHONE LOVERS, from Long Beach, California, are no exception, they have the looks, the hooks, and the glam touch that make modern American powerpop so cool. They remind me of PRIMA DONNA on “Without You”: 70s BOWIE riff, sexy bass and JERRY LEE LEWIS piano, it’s only rock’n’roll, but I love it! “Lil’ Bit O’ Money” and “Saw You Standing There” have a TOM PETTY feel to them, and if you’re into proto-punk, songs like “Take You Home”, or “Turn It Around” will probably be your favourite ones.
“Gone For The Summer” is a real rock’n’roll song, “At The Station” will make you dance, while “Come Out Tonight” and “No More” will stay stuck in your head like a CANDY song!
If you need one more good reason to check out TELEPHONE LOVERS, let me add that they have HOLLYWOOD BRATS in their influence list!/Laurent C.

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