Lipstick “Lipstick II”

Following the 2015 debut album, “Lipstick II” takes us to another colourful space travel starting with “On The Eve of The Attack”, which sounds like a quite surprising mix of BOWIE and MEAT LOAF! “Fight Back”, “Cha La Head Cha La”, or “Girl Dressed as a Sailor Moon” have a more 80s L.A. glam metal sound, and sound quite catchy.
The album was recorded with many guest musicians, so it adds more variety, and songs like “Stop”, “Love of Some Kind” and “Teenage Girlfriend” have big theatrical elements to them which fits well with the image and concept of LIPSTICK. Some glam punk/70s glitter traces can be found in “Fake Nerd Girl”, “Rock’n’Roll Anime Girls”, “Stop Drop and Rock’n’ Roll”, “Christmastime Machine”, or “Gotta Eat When You Can”, and you’ll even hear some ska punk in “Lipstick Encourages You To Have Fun at our Show but not at the Expense of other Concertgoers”…
15 songs is a bit long for an album in that style, it probably would have been much better as a 10 song record, but it doesn’t ruin the fun./Laurent C.
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