The Cheap Cassettes “All Anxious, All The Time”

Formed out of the ashes of the DIMESTORE HALOES, The CHEAP CASSETTES, from grunge capital Seatlle are more into power pop and ’77 punk with fine melodies reminding of The REPLACEMENTS, CHEAP TRICK, or Paul WELLER in songs like “All Anxious, All The Time”, “Disappear With You”, “Girlfriend”, “Wreckless”, or the catchy “Big Dumb Town.”
It’s good to hear Chaz Matthews’ vocals again, some of you probably remember his 2005 solo album “Amazing Graceless.”
This is power pop for sure, but it’s never polished, songs like “My Little Twin” or “Sieg Heil (Means I Love You)” can be enjoyed by garage fans while punks can pogo to “Get Low” or “Seconds Of Pleasure.”
The songs on this record seem to have been written and recorded in various places, at various times, which helps in showing the different sides in The CHEAP CASSETTES‘ music, sometimes more melodic, and other times more rock’n’roll (in “Black Vinyl” for instance), but it always keeps the raw edge you can find in power trios.
“All Anxious, All The Time” will be out in February, on Rum Bar Records, so make sure you don’t miss it! /Laurent C.

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