The Connection “Just For Fun”

Sometimes, bands forget about the fun in what they do and take themselves way too seriously. The CONNECTION decided to go back to their roots and offer us 10 covers just for fun! From Bob Seger (“Get Out Of Denver”) to Sylvain Sylvain (“Teenage News”), The ROLLING STONES (“No Expectations”), CHEAP TRICK (“Southern Girls”), GEORGE THOROGOOD (“Get a Haircut”), and The DICTATORS (“Stay With Me”), you can feel that the band really put their heart into playing these songs, just like a group of friends would do during a jam session at the local bar.
The CONNECTION also shows the wide variety of their tastes, with country classic “The Streets of Baltimore”, and the more obscure “I Can Read Between The Lines” (GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS.)
Produced by Brad (lead vocals/gutar) and Geoff (guitar/vocals), mixed by Mike Kennerty (ALL AMERICAN REJECTS), and mastered by Mass Giorgini (GREEN DAY, SCREECHING WEASEL, The QUEERS, GROOVIE GHOULIES…), “Just For Fun” doesn’t sound vintage, and thus gives a second birth to these songs, especially with amazing personal interpretations such as BUDDY HOLY‘s “Think It Over.”
In the end, “Just For Fun” is more than just a cover album, it’s a great powerpop record!/Laurent C.

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