Choke Chains “Cairo Scholars” 7″

Dark punk rock from Grand Rapids, Michigan, with an original member of DIRTBOMBS (Thomas Jackson Potter), and quite a cool band name, this sounds quite interesting, right? “Cairo Scholars” brings JESUS LIZARD, or even The CRAMPS to mind with some violent, hypnotic, noisy punk rock’n’roll that sounds just as if the band was practicing in your garage. On B side, “Billy The Monster” is a DEVIANTS cover that perfectly fits with CHOKE CHAINS‘ spirit: Creepy, danceable, and chaotic at the same time!
Orange might not be the easiest colour to wear these days, but it looks great on this 7″ vinyl brought to us by Hound Gawd! Records. These two songs will be on the apocalypse setlist, but I really hope I will get to hear more before it happens! /Laurent C.

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