Lovesores – Rock’n’Roll Animals!

We asked ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott Deluxe Drake a few questions about the LOVESORES. He also tells us about a few records that changed his life, and about his radio show The Golden Age Of Rock’n’Roll.

Can you intoduce the band?

The Lovesores are: Saul Koll (guitar), Adam Kattau (guitar) Alex Fast (bass) Boz Bennes (drums) and me,
Scott Deluxe Drake (vocals)

Can you tell us about your new record “Rock And Roll Animal”?

Rock and Roll Animal is our most recent release, it’s a 10” vinyl EP (4 songs) on Hound Gawd! Records (Germany).
I think it’s our best record yet…but that’s for everyone else to decide.

How did you get to find a song title like “The Erotic Adventures Of Coca-Cola Jones”?

While we were on tour in Europe, we started joking about people who live in Florida…because there are always stories in the news about bizarre crimes that happen in Florida. Adam Kattau said “Maybe all these crimes are being done by one person. His name is Coca-Cola Jones or something like that”…so, Coca-Cola Jones has become a recurring character…he’ll show up in other songs soon.

You toured in Europe last year. How was it? You also toured in Europe before as a solo artist, will you do it again? Or are the LOVESORES a “full-time band”?

The Lovesores are a full-time band…I wouldn’t do a solo tour unless The Lovesores stopped for some reason. We had a BLAST in Europe..I love touring over there..mostly because I think European people have more respect for musicians than American folks do. I’ve always been treated very well in Europe…I can’t wait to go back!

The HUMPERS also played a reunion show in July in California, right?

Yes, The Humpers generally play one or two shows each year…we’ve talked about making another record but it’s difficult because I live 1000 miles away and also because some of the guys are very busy with their day jobs.

Can you tell us a bit about The Golden Age of Rock and Roll?

The Golden Age of Rock and Roll is my radio show in Portland, Oregon (it’s a webcast). Ive been doing it for about a year now. The station it’s on is House of Sound (the only uncensored radio station in Portland). I usually do the show every other week on Tuesday nights. I play everything from early primitive rock and roll from the late 40’s and early 50’s to current bands.

5 records that are important to you (and why? How you found out about them, etc.)

Hmmm…I had to think a lot about this. I decided I’d talk about records that changed my view of music, not necessarily
my “favorite” records. First, I’d choose “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe. I bought this 7” when I was a little kid…maybe 5 or 6 years old? It was the first record that I ever heard on the radio that made me think “ I must have this record!”’s just bubblegum music but I still like it today!
Next would be “Through The Past Darkly” by The Rolling Stones. It’s just a compilation LP of their early hits but it was the first real rock and roll LP I ever got…it made me realize that there was more to life than The Beatles hahaha.
Next would be The Ramones Leave Home…I had only heard one or two songs by The Ramones on the radio and I was fascinated by them. When I finally got this record, I was blown away to think “These are people who think like me!!!” It was very empowering to start imagining…”maybe I could start a band?”.
The first Sex Pistols / Clash / Damned / Generation X LPs were huge to me, but it’s hard to choose which one had the most impact….so…I’ll jump ahead to the first Black Flag record, the Nervous Breakdown EP. This record was important to me because it sort of separated people into two groups…people loved it or hated it. A lot of people saw it as not being “rock and roll” enough…by I really was thrilled by the energy…and ever since then my goal has been to marry the structure of traditional rock and roll with the energy of punk…sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t!

Any new bands you’ve enjoyed lately?

I’m currently enjoying the renewed interest in Glam Rock (and I don’t mean 80’s LA Sunset Strip stuff)…especially the revival of the sounds of the early 70’s British scene….I think Giuda does it best from the bands I’ve heard…I’d love to hear more bands get into that sound and move away from all this stoner / metal / prog, etc.


Your favourite shows with the LOVESORES so far?

I’d say my favorite shows have been in Spain (Bilbao and Teruel) and Germany (Berlin). It’s always a great feeling when you’re far from home and the people “get it”…it makes you feel like there’s a greater purpose to what you’re doing.

What’s next for the LOVESORES?

More rock and roll! We’re currently writing a full-length LP…then we have some gigs in Southern California in January…and hopefully we’ll be touring Europe again in Autumn of 2017…..see you then! Ciao!

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