Suicide Bombers release new video “Ready For Tonight”


Alarms went off at the Royal Castle on July 27th and security teams rushed to one of the Queen’s storage facilities in Oslo. Upon arrival they found the kings of Rock’n’Roll, SUiCiDE BOMBERS, shooting the video for their hit-single READY FOR TONiGHT in an adjoining tunnel.

The drama lasted more than an hour and delayed the shoot, but when it was confirmed that no damage, other than the beautiful audio assult of high class Rock’n’Roll, was caused to the Queen’s furniture and the SUiCiDE BOMBERS had all their permits in order, the shoot could go on.

The SUiCiDE BOMBERS politely declined to be arrested and the security team politely declined to appear in the video, but everyone agreed that it was one fucking brilliant song and video!

See for yourself on Youtube:

Magic Eight Ball “Richest Men In The Graveyard”

MAGIC EIGHT BALL delivers an interesting mix of modern rock and 80s/90s influenced alternative rock, including big metal riffs, boogie drum beats in “Keep Me Out Of The Sunshine”, good vocal melodies, and dark atmospheres close to bands like TOOL at times, especially in “Falling In Love’s Like A Vampire.”
Some ENUFF Z NUFF influences can be heard in “She’s Leaving”, and “Once Again”, so it’s not surprising to learn that Donnie Vie was a guest on their previous album, both bands share a common interest in BEATLES influenced vocal melodies. MAGIC EIGHT BALL might come from Southern England, but they know how to sound sunny on songs like “Dying To Say” or “Tomorrow Can Wait.”
The band also released a live album, “Richest Men In The Dolls House”, in which you can hear the raw side of the band better, and singer Baze Francis also has a live EP out “Live at Molly Malone’s”, so you’ll undoubtedly find something to your tastes./Laurent C.

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New video from Rogue Folk singer-songwriter Matty James

Ever wonder what happened to our roving troubadour on his epic journey down ‘The Road To No Town’?
‘Cut With Dust’ is the final instalment in the trilogy of videos that accompany Rogue Folk singer-songwriter Matty James‘ new album ‘The Road To No Town’. This heartfelt, Irish alt-country ballad serves as the record’s closing track and features special guest Pat McManus on the fiddle.
Watch here:
The album is out now on Pirate Heart Records / Cargo Records and available on CD and digital download from Amazon, iTunes and the usual outlets or direct from:

Torpedohead: New video “Not Too Late”

Torpedohead: New video “Not Too Late” !
Rock n’ roll power trio Torpedohead release a new video called “Not Too Late” from their their brand new studio album entitled “III”.
The stripped-down no frills clip shows the band performing and having tons of fun in the studio while the song delivers a smashing melodic rock tune that features a killer twin-guitar riff and a huge hook. The new album entitled “III” was released April 28th via Woodhouse Records and features producer Siggi Bemm (Dave Lombardo, Tiamat, Lacuna Coil).
Combining a riff oriented hard edged sound with melodic supercatchy choruses and fast and furious punk n’ roll while transforming this into their own modern rock sound, Germany’s power trio Torpedohead lives the imagination of a 70s stadium rock n’ roll tape coming through a trashy 90s stereo, digitally remastered today for speeding down the autobahn !
You can watch “Not Too Late” right here:

Rock is Alive and Well Vol.1/Vol.2

It might not be all over the big media, but rock’n’roll is still alive, and it’s not only played by grumpy old men! That’s what “Rock is Alive and Well” is all about…. Two digital compilations with great contemporary rock’n’roll bands you might have already read about on this website, or in other webzines/blogs.
In Vol.1, you’ll find two songs by The SWEET THINGS ( (“Through The Cracks of The City” and “Cocaine Ass Licker Blues”) who deliver some dirty glammy rock’n’roll somewhere between the NEW YORK DOLLS and early BLACK CROWES with a touch of THROBS thrown in, the kind of bands we all need nowadays!
The TIP, from Nashville TN play 70s bluesy rock’n’roll influenced by AEROSMITH and The STONES, and the two songs on here, “Love Me Er’y Woman” and “The Drip” (this one has a bit of The CULT “Electric” era in it) will definitely make you want to hear more.
“Sleeping Alone” and “Shakin'” both confirm that The CRY is one of the best power pop bands around, and it makes us think that they would probably be bigger already if they were a British band.
French band MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN offers us two songs from their second album, “Will You Be There” and “On The Road”, think hard rock’n’roll with a bit of Southern rock and grunge touches.
The last band on this first part of the compilation is L.A.’s best 70s glam rock’n’roll act, SMASH FASHION. If you haven’t checked them out yet, then “Marionette” and “You Love To Suffer” should make you run and order their records!
Volume 2 opens with two tracks from CREEM CIRCUS from Philadelphia, “Riff Mountain” sounds like a classic rock song you could hear on some US radio, but “Teenage Rules” has a good glammy vibe. London’s TANGO PIRATES (with Danny Fury from ROGUE MALE, LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH, VAIN, KILL CITY DRAGONS… and Dave Tregunna (LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH, SHAM 69, THE CHERRY BOMBZ, etc.)) offer us two songs from their album “Danger! Children at Play”: “Ghost Ship Bar Blues”, and “Dark Star”, a song dedicated to Stiv Bators. The LORDS ‘soul definitely wander around these songs.
“Mojo Motor City Queen” and “Save Me”, from The NASTY THINGS (NYC) gives us a good dose of sleaze rock, reminding me of CRYSTAL PISTOL at times, quite a good surprise!
Speaking of surprises, it seems like TATTOOED MILLIONAIRES are back, and we won’t complain when listening to “Subsonic” and “Next Big Thing”, two cool Hollywood rock’n’roll songs. MINK DAGGERS closes this compilation with some high energy punk rock’n’roll in which you’ll also find traces of early AC/DC.
Are you looking for some new kick ass rock’n’roll? Then these two compilations are for you!/Laurent C.

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