Spit Pink “Night Of The Lizard”

77 punk from Germany on Wanda Records, so as usual, you get a great cover, with insert, poster, etc.
“Fools” starts with glammy handclaps and STOOGES riffs, while the following songs “Don’t Bring a Knife To a Gun Fight”, and “Jenny & Jim” shows us that despite their angry energy, SPIT PINK keeps a melodic, almost poppy edge, just like their elders (BUZZCOCKS, UNDERTONES…)
Early HIVES sometimes come to mind as well (“Lizard’s Night…”), and the vocals are sometimes close to Germany’s glam punk band 2ND DISTRICT who actually are also from Bochum. You’ll also hear some Scandinavian punk rock’n’roll touches in “Bad Dreams On Ketamine”, and the band will surprise you with a bluesy, almost psychedelic song, “Intershop Blues.” The last song, “Dead City” brings us back to good old rock’n’roll and leave you wanting more.
Another great release from Wanda Records!/Laurent C.

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