Role Models “Forest Lawn”

Just one year after their first, and promising album “The Go-To Guy”, The ROLE MODELS are back with a new record, and new line-up. The band’s power pop brings The WILDHEARTS to mind in songs like “(I Broke My Back) Disappointing You” (in which you’ll hear Steve Conte on solo guitar), or “No Shame”, but these guys also heavily flirt with sleazy rock’n’roll on “Got No Time” and “I Ain’t Lucky.”
Rich Jones (BLACK HALOS, MICHAEL MONROE…) and Sami Yaffa still play on a few songs, and Chris Barry (39 STEPS, PILLBOX) sings on “Goodbye and Horray”, quite a cool rock’n’roll team, right?
Songs like “Wanted To Be Wanted” and “The Lights On Your Road” are real poppy hits in an early GOO GOO DOLLS/REPLACEMENTS vein, and for some reason you won’t find many other bands writing such songs nowadays.
You’ll hear a lot of melancholy in “Bullshit Corner” and its great sax solo, which echoes the album’s title “Forest Lawn”, the place where singer/guitarist Rich Rags grew up. This second album is a natural evolution for ROLE MODELS… Just growing up strong! /Laurent C.

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Spit Pink “Night Of The Lizard”

77 punk from Germany on Wanda Records, so as usual, you get a great cover, with insert, poster, etc.
“Fools” starts with glammy handclaps and STOOGES riffs, while the following songs “Don’t Bring a Knife To a Gun Fight”, and “Jenny & Jim” shows us that despite their angry energy, SPIT PINK keeps a melodic, almost poppy edge, just like their elders (BUZZCOCKS, UNDERTONES…)
Early HIVES sometimes come to mind as well (“Lizard’s Night…”), and the vocals are sometimes close to Germany’s glam punk band 2ND DISTRICT who actually are also from Bochum. You’ll also hear some Scandinavian punk rock’n’roll touches in “Bad Dreams On Ketamine”, and the band will surprise you with a bluesy, almost psychedelic song, “Intershop Blues.” The last song, “Dead City” brings us back to good old rock’n’roll and leave you wanting more.
Another great release from Wanda Records!/Laurent C.

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Squarecrow “Rammi Jamms”

8 new songs from San Diego’s melodic punk rock band SQUARECROW. Sunny, and full of energy, you’ll easily get hooked on songs like “Sarasota” or “First Flight” and its cool guitar gimmick. “Right On” brings early BAD RELIGION to mind, and songs like “20/20”, “Recipient” (cool metal guitar solo in this one!), and “Afterwards” (you can almost hear some FUGAZI in this one) show us that SQUARECROW are definitely not your typical pop punk band.
SQUARECROW seems to play quite a lot in the US, and you can hear that in these songs that sound tight, but keep a live edge at the same time. You’ll enjoy this record esopecially if you’re into melodic punk, though you already have an excuse for not getting it if you suffer from podophobia. Laurent C.

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Revenge 88 “Still Walking Under Neon Lights”

Rock’n roll time bomb, Stagebeast was to burn bright & fast releasing a hit single in ‘78 before ruining their EMI deal, not unlike the Sex Pistols, by wrecking their offices in Brussels on the very day they were to sign for a second 7inch.

Famous for their stage antics Stagebeast had been formed in Ostend by Dubbe & Willy Willy, the both of whom later went on as Revenge 88…So, by the time they started out fresh as Revenge, you’d think that the boys would have had learned their lesson.

Good managing could have made them the biggest Belgian rock band of its time, but fate would have it otherwise. You can’t harness a thunderstorm, & now joined by Danny Markey (ex-Stagebeast) and Luc Bollock, the guys kept on burning bridges until there was no bridge left to burn. Bad luck, poor decisions & self-sabotage tendencies, Revenge 88 took Belgium for the rock’n roll ride of a lifetime…always bathed in the glow of neon lights, at times reflected from the biggest stages, other times from the counter of the dirtiest dive-bars.

Released in 1981 on their own label, Revenge’s first single became another instant hit and ended up years later, just like its Stagebeast predecessor, on every Punk Rock hit compilation bootlegs.

1982 would see their second and final official single, though the band kept on playing successful shows until Willy relocated to Brussels in the late 80’s to join a few bands, including the Scabs.

Dubbe continued on fronting bands, releasing singles under different names until Revenge raised from its ashes with a new line up.

Through the years, Revenge might have been one of its own worst enemy, but if you ever visit Ostend & buy a couple beers to someone who was there, you’ll soon be hearing some of the greatest & most hilarious band life stories about these boys who truly were as “rock’n roll” as it gets. The loveable outsiders from the Belgian scene surely left quite an impression.

I was fortunate enough to see Revenge perform on several occasions in the early 2000’s. I remember, after a gig, waking up at Dubbe’s place appropriately called the batcave due to the vintage batman logos spray painted in the hallway. I looked up to see the wallpaper half ripped off from the walls, it looked like it had been hanging there since the 70’s. I grabbed a generic brand orange soda from the fridge, and joined Dubbe in his living room decorated with old flyers, posters & photos cheaply taped to the walls. A testimony for an entire life of ‘living It’. When it was time for me to split, he untapped one picture & presented it to me as a parting gift…Revenge 88 onstage, Dubbe pulling his pants off to show his bare ass. I’ll surely keep that photograph forever.

As for the music, it speaks for itself. If you are reading these lines, chances are that you already know. If not, then you are about to find out…some of the best Rock’n Roll ever recorded. And if Belgian Underground rock had had another name…it might as well have been Revenge 88.

So, play it loud. As loudly as these guys deserves to be played…Forever outsiders…and that’s also why we love(d) them. Forever Walkin’ under Neonlight…”

Thomas ‘thomaxe’ Goze

Available on Belgian Waffles Records:

Stagebeast “Belgium Ain’t Fun No More” reissue 7’’

2015 exact replica
500 Copies on black vinyl
10 numbered white label test pressing with b/w xerox sleeve

Revenge 88 “Neon Light” comp. 12’’

Tracks 1 to 4 are taken directly from original master tape.
Tracks 1 & 2 were released as “Alone” 7″ J.D.M. Records in 1981 (JDM2)
Tracks 3 & 5 were released as “Thousand years from you” 7″ J.D.M. Records in 1982 (JDM 3)
Track 4 “Babylon” is an unreleased song from the one and only master tape known and hopefully saved for your dirty ears!!!
Come with insert with photos and history by Stefaan Delarue and Thomas Goze.
Also availlable deluxe edition numbered to 50 copies


Lovesores “Rock And Roll Animal” 10″

Four brand new tracks on blue vinyl by ex-HUMPERS frontman Scott “Deluxe” Drake and his gang. “Rock’n’Roll Animal” will give you the right idea from the start, mixing 70s glitter rock to early punk, and “The Erotic Adventures Of Coca-Cola Jones” (probably the best song title of the year so far!) will make you sing along, bringing the best of Detroit punk rock’n’roll to mind.
The LOVESORES knows that rock’n’roll is all about being wild and sexy, and you’ll hear that in “The Wicked World” that sounds like an orgy between The STOOGES and the NEW YORK DOLLS! Hard rock’n’rollin’ song “When The Lights Go Out” almost sounds as if TURBONEGRO was getting back to their best era, and it sure will let you think that this is short and you need more… The best LOVESORES release so far!
Hound Gawd! Records brings us a 10″ record that looks as good as it sounds, so hurry up! There might not be enough of them for everyone./Laurent C.

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Los Pepes “All Over Now”

Is it All Over Now for LOS PEPES? Well, it doesn’t seem so… The British band is just back from a European tour, a few shows in the UK opening for MUDHONEY, and finally has a new album (on Wanda Records) under their arm.
“I’m No Good” starts in a typical LOS PEPES way, melodic choruses and full punk energy. The tempo even speeds up as soon as the second song, “Can’t Stand It” starts with old-school hardcore rage. Don’t get me wrong, these guys might play loud and fast, but they’re still a powerpop band as you can hear in “All Over Now”, or “I’ll See You Tonight” for instance, this one will probably stay stuck in your mind for quite some time after you listened to it. Teenage punk anger can still be heard in songs like “My Language” and you’ll hear a few 60s garage influences in “Nothing Special”, and in “Just The Way That It Goes.”
Somewhere between sunny pop and disillusioned punk as in “I Don’t Believe In Anything”, this album will be the perfect soundtrack for your summer… And since Wanda Records always does things well, you’ll get a fine looking record, with a great cover and poster/lyric insert, one more reason for you to grab “All Over Now”!/Laurent C.

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