The Backseat Angels “Saturday Night Shakes”

The BACKSEAT ANGELS, from Belgium aren’t famous yet, but when listening to their vintage sounding glammy powerpop, you can only admit that they do have good tastes in music. Opener “My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind” could have been a RAMONES song, while you’ll hear a bit of UNDERTONES in “Saturday Night” and in “Stupid Brats”, a bit of 60s garage in “Hard To Tame”/”This Is What I Get”, and even a slight rhythm & blues touch in “To Be a Better Man.”
Some strong 70s glam influences can also be heard in “Teenage Rock’n’Roller”, “Pick Up The Phone”, “Crazy Like a Fox”, or in “Peppermint Girl”, and we sure won’t complain about that!
This album is out on Rum Bar Records./Laurnet C.