The Sweet Things “Love To Leave” Single

We reviewed and interviewed The DEAD TRICKS 3 years ago, so we were quite ecited to hear that Lorne had a new rock’n’roll band!
The SWEET THINGS love The ROLLING STONES, the NEW YORK DOLLS and all the good dirty tipsy rock’n’roll! They’ve only released one song so far, “Love To Leave” which sounds a bit as if IZZY STRADLIN was jammin’ with the QUIREBOYS and early BLACK CROWES!… Slide guitars, Jerry-Lee piano, THUNDERS riffs and great backing vocals all mixed into one song that will make you more than happy if you’re into gypsy heartbreak rock’n’roll.
Watch out! New York is gettin’ dirty again!/Laurent C.

The vinyl single will be out on April 21st. More info:

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