The Backseat Angels “Saturday Night Shakes”

The BACKSEAT ANGELS, from Belgium aren’t famous yet, but when listening to their vintage sounding glammy powerpop, you can only admit that they do have good tastes in music. Opener “My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind” could have been a RAMONES song, while you’ll hear a bit of UNDERTONES in “Saturday Night” and in “Stupid Brats”, a bit of 60s garage in “Hard To Tame”/”This Is What I Get”, and even a slight rhythm & blues touch in “To Be a Better Man.”
Some strong 70s glam influences can also be heard in “Teenage Rock’n’Roller”, “Pick Up The Phone”, “Crazy Like a Fox”, or in “Peppermint Girl”, and we sure won’t complain about that!
This album is out on Rum Bar Records./Laurnet C.

The Sweet Things “Love To Leave” Single

We reviewed and interviewed The DEAD TRICKS 3 years ago, so we were quite ecited to hear that Lorne had a new rock’n’roll band!
The SWEET THINGS love The ROLLING STONES, the NEW YORK DOLLS and all the good dirty tipsy rock’n’roll! They’ve only released one song so far, “Love To Leave” which sounds a bit as if IZZY STRADLIN was jammin’ with the QUIREBOYS and early BLACK CROWES!… Slide guitars, Jerry-Lee piano, THUNDERS riffs and great backing vocals all mixed into one song that will make you more than happy if you’re into gypsy heartbreak rock’n’roll.
Watch out! New York is gettin’ dirty again!/Laurent C.

The vinyl single will be out on April 21st. More info:

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The Phantoms “S/T”

Fronted by Victor Penasola (from The ZEROS – the punk rock Zeros, not the purple glam ones-, and drummer for the reunited FLAMIN’ GROOVIES), The PHANTOMS say their music is for fans of rock’n’roll, glam, bubblegum, garage, and everything in between… And well, this isn’t a lie! “Baby Loves Rock’n’Roll” opens this 11 song album in a glammy punk rock’n’roll way somewhere in between The HANGMEN and DUFF MCKAGAN‘s solo stuff. Slide guitar and dirty blues traces can be found in “Coming After You”, and you’ll even find a country song (“One For The Road.”)
The 60s garage influences can mostly be heard in “Chump Change”, while you’ll get a good dose of power pop in “Tears Me Up Inside”, “Stab Me (In My Broken Heart)”, and “Atomic Fireball”, as well as some 70s punk in “Ditch Digger” and “The Ballad Of Overend Watts.”
The PHANTOMS offer us a promising debut album (on Rum Bar Records) mixing the best of rock’n’roll styles, this should be a good reason for you to check this album out!/Laurent C.
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Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “Blood & Treasure”

Real rock’n’roll has never been clean and polished, and Los Angeles’ underground rock’n’roll band the LAZY COWGIRLS knew that well. Their vocalist Pat Todd is back with this great looking vinyl record (even the download card looks killer!) on Hound Gawd! Records, 12 songs of pure, dirty rock’n’roll produced by former SPARKS guitarist Earle Mankey.
“Blood & Pressure” is full of American rock’n’roll references, from the 50s and 60s (“This Counterfeit World”, “Tell Me Now”, “Sugar Coated Love”) to blues (“Ole Fortune And Fame”, “Just Another Broken Day”) and country (“West Of Your Last Chance.”) You’ll even get some glammy touches in “Gone Are The Days” and “My Own Way”, a song that could have been on a NEW YORK DOLLS record, and a bit of punk rock in “Don’t Be Sellin’ Emptiness To Me.”
Some records are meant to be released on vinyl, and this is definitely one of them, one of the best rock’n’roll LP of the year so far!
This mix of rock’n’roll from different eras with a vintage spirit reminds me of the amazing NICK CURRAN who left this world way too early, and well, if things worked really well for The JIM JONES REVUE, why couldn’t it happen to PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS? They breathe rock’n’roll and really deserve it!/Laurent C.

Buy from Hound Gawd! Records
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Evil Matchers “Burning Baby!” EP

Brazil might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about punk’n’roll, but EVIL MATCHERS are on a mission to change that with this 5 song EP (3 sung in Portugese, and 2 in English.)
The band’s music is mainly influenced by the 00s Scandinavian scene (BACKYARD BABIES, HELLACOPTERS…), and 70s punk rock (DEAD BOYS, UNDERTONES…), so it’s hard to go wrong with such influences. EVIL MATCHERS still sound a bit young at times, but they have the right elements to make us rock hard.
Surprisingly, whether they play in your face hard rock’n’roll (“HeadFuck Baby”, “Sempre Eu”, “Promessas Sujas”), or more melodic songs (“Smiles and Charms”, “Seven Days Sick”), Portugese language actually works as well as English (if not better), and definitely helps to reinforce the band’s identity, check by yourself!/Laurent C.
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Brandy Row “Hold No Shame” 10″

Rock’n’Roll troubadour BRANDY ROW is back with 4 new urban bluesy songs in which you’ll hear some STONES (“Consolidated”), and SEEDS (“Martial Law”) influences all mixed with good taste and style.
These songs are full of cool arrangements such as horns, female vocals, etc., but when BRANDY decides to just keep the core of a song, then acoustic JOHNNY THUNDERS and DYLAN come to mind (“Hold No Shame.”)
“Walking On A Razor’s Edge” and its New Orleans feel displays more variety in BRANDY‘s songwriting, almost TOM WAITS in the atmosphere at times, and while listening to this song, you realize that it could have been sung by AMY WINEHOUSE. It’s interesting that the mood of this record is sometimes close to JOHNNY THUNDERS & PATTI PALLADIN‘s “Copy Cats”, although these songs are not covers.
This new EP is alvailable on 10″ vinyl (No Front Teeth records), and digital. A full album is coming our way soon, and we sure won’t complain about it!/Laurent C.
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