Torpedohead “III”

Germany’s power trio TORPEDOHEAD is back with 11 new songs, and guess what? They still like American influenced catchy heavy rock as much as they used to. “Get Off My Back” opens in a wild punk rock’n’roll way, think BACKYARD BABIES “Making Enemies Is Good” era (“Shanghide” also has this B. BABIES thing goin’), while the second song, “Wildlife” displays more the band’s love for stadium rock, big guitar riffs and anthemic choruses, a bit as if BON JOVI suddenly decided to put more rock’n’roll into their radio friendly rock.
Nevertheless, TORPEDOHEAD remains a powerful band full of variety in a WILDHEARTS way, for instance, an up tempo song like “Blood On Wheels” still manages to have a melodic chorus, and “Cesspool Dreams” brings hard rock’n’roll bands like JUNKYARD to mind.
This mix of street rock’n’roll and poppy choruses can also be found in the addictive “Angel City”, or “Drunk On Sunday”, and when these guys play a power ballad like “Peace Of Mind”, it doesn’t sound cheesy, it has a bit of MOTHER LOVE BONE in it. The other slower song on this album, “Sweet Mystery” is more ROLLING STONES influenced, which is never a bad thing.
In a perfect world, “Not Too Late” would already be a hit, and TORPEDOHEAD would be a leading band in the modern big rock genre!/Laurent C.
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