Les Suzards “S/T”

Judging from the name of the band, I would have never expected them to play this kind of rock’n’roll. For your information, Suze is a famous French/Swiss old-school alcoholic drink. Despite their admiration for this drink, the power trio from the West of France has been on a steady DOGS/NY DOLLS diet too.
Opening track “Hate Me” sounds like a mix of The BRIEFS and NEUROTIC SWINGERS, an adrenaline shot right from the start, and it won’t calm down with “Mojo Night”, and “Searchin'” that will please every DOGS fan around for sure.
The album was recorded by JERRY SPIDER GANG‘s Lo Spider, and it seems like it was the right choice, since you can feel the live energy through the whole album.
Put your best slim buttoned jacket on, have a Suze, and get your kicks from “Business Kids” and “You Kill Me”, you won’t regret it!
This fine record is out on German punk rock’n’roll label Wanda Record, and the band is tourin’ Europe right now, so go and check them out if you can./Laurent C.

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