Smash Fashion “Junkie Luck” 7″

SFJLL.A. glam rock’n’rollers SMASH FASHION are back with a great looking limited edition coloured vinyl 7″! I’m sure that some of you loved “Big Cat Love”, their 2014 album, and if you did, then big chances are you’re probably excited about this new record already!
There’s only two songs on this 7″, the old-school way: “Junkie Luck”, a great 70s rock’n’roll song with sparkling glam rock guitars, and a catchy chorus, and “Long Blond Animal”, a GOLDEN EARRING cover that sounds just as if it was a SMASH FASHION song!
Mixing 70s hard rock and glam with style, SMASH FASHION still remain L.A.’s best kept secret. This 7″ looks great, sounds great, and you’ll erven get a really cool sticker with it, so get your copy before it’s too late!/Laurent C.
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