The Erotics “Three Sheets To The Wind” EP

While most bands get wiser and softer as they get older, The EROTICS are taking the opposite way, sounding rougher and harder with every new release. Their previous CD “Preaching To The Choir” was a raw double live album, and here they are now with 3 brand new songs that sound as if you were standing in the studio with them.
“Three Sheets To The Wind” offers us some killer sleazy heavy rock with a guitar riff reminding of the best of MÖTLEY CRÜE, “Last To Arrive, First To Die” is a catchy track, in the vein of the MURDERDOLLS, and “Little Miss Misserable” is a cool dirty heavy rock’n’roll song that can appeal to both hard rock and punk rock’n’roll fans.
Keeping the sleazy rock flame alive, The EROTICS are just back from a tour in the UK, and they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in February 2016… Crazy!/Laurent C.
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Radiohearts “Lot To Learn” 7″

Californian punky power pop, mixing the energy of the RAMONES, the snottiness of the BUZZCOCKS, and a good dose of UNDERTONES (“Decisions.”) I never heard of the RADIOHEARTS before, but it seems like they already released a couple of EPs before.
The raw production, powerful bass, and guitar melodies bring The JAM to mind on “Let Them Know’, and you can also hear a CHEAP TRICK influence on “Heartbeat”, which can’t be a bad thing.
This 4 song EP is quite a good introduction to the RADIOHEARTS, and since we’re talking about hearts, if you rermember and loved The EXPLODING HEARTS, then check this EP out!/Laurent C.

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The Sick Things “We Got It Figured Out” Demo

You’ll find a couple of members of The SANGOMAS (Montreal, Canada) in The SICK THINGS, but the music of the band is definitely more power pop oriented.
“We Got It Figured Out” is as good as a STAR SPANGLES song, “Empty Castles” has a bit of BITERS in its guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, and “Dog Days” stands somewhere in between early BLACK CROWES and 70s KISS!
This is really good, you’ll even here a bit of SLADE in the vocals at times.
The SICK THINGS put Montreal on the map of modern glammy power pop with these 3 killer songs, and I’m sure we’ll hear about them again in a very near future!/Laurent C.

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