Pleasure Addiction “Extra Balls”

Paris’ PLEASURE ADDICTION are back with a brand new album, and if you can’t judge a book by its cover, the artwork of most records usually give you quite a good idea about what the bands are about. Here, the strong 80s look of the cover is no exception, these guys love 80s American metal, and chose not to follow the parody route that has been famous for a while now thanks to bands like STEEP PANTHER. PLEASURE ADDICTION are more into the melodic side of L.A. metal rather than the sleazy one, more DANGER DANGER, WARRANT, or XYZ than MÖTLEY CRÜE or L.A. GUNS, but they do love their catchy choruses (“Don’t Let Me Down”, “Lights & Wonders”) and VAN HALEN guitars (“Love Refugee”.)
“Can’t Stand The Heartache” is not a SKID ROW cover, but it sure is a good sunny pop metal song, and we all know that singing about L.A. will never be old in this music style, the band chose to make it clear and simple with their song “I Love L.A.”!
Early 90s big rock also seem to be one of the band’s favourite addictions when you listen to “Dr. Addict”, a song that should please every EXTREME or MR. BIG fan around. Stylewise, it would have been hard to avoid a power ballad, but “Heaven & Hell” is not that bad compared to the songs you can sometimes hear on 80s metal revival bands records.
PLEASURE ADDICTION now has the album and line-up they derserve to make it big in the 80s influenced hard rock scene./Laurent C.

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