Biters “Reckless Hearts” video / Glambone podcast interview

Atlanta’s new power pop/glammy rock’n’roll heroes BITERS have just released a new video for “Reckless Hearts”, a song from their Earache records debut album “Electric Blood” (Out on August 7, 2015.)

Our friends at Glambone podcast interviewed singer/guitarist Tuk HERE!

Watch the full “Reckless Hearts” video HERE!

Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics “How Do I Taste?”

Good to see that some bands still send real promo packages. This one includes this 5 (+1) song digipack CD, stickers, button, info sheet, and chocolate bar (melted thanks to the current heatwave, or the girl on the album cover!)
First song “Get On Your Knees” opens with a tribute riff to ZODIAC MINDWARP, and you quickly understand that THUNDERFUCK & THE DEADLY ROMANTICS share common interests with The Tatooed Beat Messiah. Don’t be misguided buy the intro of the second song, at first, it sounds like some 80s power ballad, but then you get the lyrics “How Do I Taste?”, and you realize it’s far from being US radio friendly. Real sleaze rock with punk attitude and 80s metal guitars ; “Dirty Movies” sounds like the band has been on a Jack Daniel’s diet for a few years!
A bit of WRATHCHILD (UK), ROGUE MALE, MENTORS, these guys seem to know a lot about dirty, debauchery rock’n’roll/punk metal. You’ll even find some slight VENOM influences in “Hate” and “I Need a Woman”, and some HANK III in the bonus version of “Get On Your Knees.” Bikers, punks and bad girls can party together again!/Laurent C.
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