The Sick Livers “Mid Liver Crisis”

South Wales’ dirtier punk rock’n’roll band is back with 10 new songs spitting right in the face of political correctness. When so many bands try and copy TURBONEGRO from A to Z, The SICK LIVERS take the best ingredients of Norway’s Denim Demons and use them in their own way, bringing us catchy songs like “This Is My Denim”, or “Perfect Nothing”, some high energy rock’n’roll (“One Man Stag Do”, “Out With The Dogs”) for DEAD BOYS fans and up tempo punk fury (“Smell Of Elvis”.) You’ll find what you need on “Mid Liver Crisis” if you’re looking for your rock’n’roll fix, STIV BATORS needed Lunch, The SICK LIVERS need a rock’n’roll Nurse just like the NEW YORK DOLLS!
UK SUBS‘ Charlie Harper described “Dark, Dangerous and Delicious” as the best tracks HANOÏ ROCKS never wrote, and well, how could Charlie be wrong?
You’ll probably get weird looks when walking down the streets singing “You Make Me Wet” or “I Wanna Be A Jäger Girl”, but well, isn’t it what rock’n’roll should be about?/Laurent C.
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Sassy Society “Lipstick Love Affair”

This glam metal band from Hamburg, Germany was founded in 2012, they released a 6 song EP, and now bring us this new 12 song album. The opening song (“Don’t Mess With The Boys”) sounds a bit surprising when the singer tries to hit those heavy metal high pitched notes that makes you look twice if any glass has been broken around. Luckily, “Sassy Time” sounds much better, more melodic, and “Broken Baby” confirms the melodic hard rock direction, in a DOKKEN way, while “Ashley” brings more SKID ROW to mind.
Unfortunately, the Axl Rose impersonation doesn’t work too well on “True Love”, “Game I Play”, and “Black Roses”, the band sounds far better on “Lipstick Love Affair”, definitely the best song on the album ; at least the one you’ll sing after listening to the record.
There’s some good potential here, but SASSY SOCIETY will probably gain a lot when breaking away from their (too) obvious influences./Laurent C.
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Lipstick releases first music video

Lipstick, an independent theatrical rock band from Nashville, TN, has just released their first music video: an homage to Conan O’Brien that pleads with him to invite the band to be his musical guest.

Conan O’Brien has always been a hero of mine,” states lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Greg Troyan, “I’ve been watching his show since I was thirteen years old. When he moved to LA to follow his dreams, it gave me hope and inspiration to move to Nashville to follow mine. He helped give me hope that dreams can come true. His words of ‘work hard and be kind’ is a mantra I truly believe in. So, I decided to write a song, telling him that I think he’s cool and that I’d like to appear on his show, because it’s always been a dream of mine.”

“We’re a positive band. We sing songs about rock n roll, time travel, true love, and following your dreams. We hope that this song spreads a little more positivity out there. Also, our mascot is an awesome dancing cat, and who doesn’t love awesome dancing cats?”

The band is asking its fans to tweet their new music video at Conan O’Brien on twitter (@ConanOBrien) and to use the hashtag #TheConanSong.

“We’re an indie band. We don’t have major label support, we’re young and hungry and out there trying to make our dreams come true, so we’re just trying to get Conan to notice us. We’re confident in the quality of what we do, and we think Conan will love the video…and so will you!”

The video for “The Conan Song” can be viewed below. Lipstick can be found at their website,, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @MrCoolRockNRoll.

16 Ton Rockers “Kung-Fu Kicks and Recycled Licks”

3 new songs by Swedish punk rock’n’rollers 16 TON ROCKERS:
“Shake Riot & Roll”, a direct attack towards politician scums with CLASH influenced guitars in the chorus and a SEX PISTOLS touch at the very end of it, “Fake Groove”, a classic glammy punk’n’roll tune to make you pogo with style, and “Somebody Save Me”, a catchy song that was already appearing on the band’s first demo. If you like 2nd DISTRICT and bands like this who manage to mix fine pop melodies to dirty rock’n’roll guitars, then you’ll love this one.
16 TON ROCKERS will probably record more this summer, so keep your ears and eyes open!/Laurent C.

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