Kore Kosmou “S/T”

KoreKosmouKORE KOSMOU is the project of Holeg Spies (French film/arts producer/composer), singer/song writer Ariel Electron, and ex-BAD LOSERS guitarist Thierry Jones (now in The JONES.) This album is all about experimenting with different atmospheres/moods, a bit like a movie soundtrack, and this is all reinforced by various special guests such as Jon Klein (SPECIMEN, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES), East Bay Ray (DEAD KENNEDYS), and Patrick Savage (ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA.) You’ll get some ambient/electronica (“Stolen Light”, “Eternal Return”, “We Create Reality”), and trip-hop (“Dream Agent”, “Abracadabra”) wrapped up with mysticism and indian references (“Cherokee Witch.”)
The mix of all these influences brings us some great moments, like the uncategorizable” Children Of The Stars” (the remix version definitely sounds like a movie soundtrack) or the electro-industrial dance hit “Ride.” Cosmic cinematic!/Laurent C.

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