Born Loose “I Loathe You” 7″

NYC’s BORN LOOSE features two former CANDY SNATCHERS members (Larry May and Suke), so you can guess that you won’t hear any polished modern rock on this great looking white 7″ (out on Hound Gawd! Records), and we won’t complain about that. Two short, angry, dirty punk rock’n’roll songs in which singer Larry May screams his guts out! The energy of Detroit rock’n’roll, the smell of garage, and the craziness of the DEAD KENNEDYS and JESUS LIZARD in one band! “I Loathe You” is a speed-up rock’n’roll song that will please fans of the NEW BOMB TURKS and The HUMPERS, and “Today’s The Day” brings us a bit more of melody mixed to some hypnotic guitar riff, right before literally exploding and leaving you breathless! Short and not sweet, this will make you beg for more chaos!/Laurent C.

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