Eldorado “Babylonia Haze”

EldoradoBabyloniaHazeSpanish hard rock with a big DEEP PURPLE influence and psychedelic touches. Good looking digipack, solid musicianship and great vocals in that style, but speaking of style… I can only admit that this isn’t my style at all… So, even though opening song “Mad Woman” is quite impressive, and “Evil People” confirms that ELDORADO really know how to master their art, those PURPLE-ish keyboards tend to drive me crazy on the long run.
The band gets more into the LED ZEPPELIN territory when they slow down the tempo (“Breathe The Night”, “Flowers Of Envy”) and can even appeal to stoner rock fans on “Goodbye & Carry On” and “You Don’t Wanna Need Her”, but not to me… Seriously, I still wonder if record labels actually look at the websites/blogs they send their stuff to!/Laurent C.

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