Nasty Rumours “Girls In Love/Barbwire Heart” EP

NastyRumoursEP’77 punk rock from Switzerland on Germany’s best punk record label Wanda records! You’ll only get two songs on this great looking 7″ vinyl (the band’s logo is actually on the plastic sleeve rather than on the cover itself), but they’re definitely worth it if you’re into bands like The BOYS or The CUTE LEPERS. “Girls In Love” has an early NY punk sound mixed to snotty British punk typed vocals, and powerpop injected “Barbwire Heart” has a chorus that won’t leave your mind for hours and hours…
Apparently, the band has another 7″ released by No Front Teeth Records, but no full album yet. This 7″ comes out with a download card for the mp3 versions, so you know what you have to do…/Laurent C.

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The Disconnects “Wake Up Dead”

Wake Up DeadThe DISCONNECTS have been touring all over the US, released two EPs, and now bring us this excellent 13 song album. Opening in a D GENERATION style with “Demoliton Heart”, The DISCONNECTS also remind me of JEFF DAHL or The JONESES on “Wake Up Dead” or “She’s a Fink.” Dirty rock’n’roll with snotty vocals, larsens and attitude, but the band also knows how to add some melody (“Lonely Boy”, “For Mindy”) in a NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS way, or sometimes close to The STAR SPANGLES (“I Don’t Mind”, “Kills Me Sick.”)
They also have the raw energy of the DEAD BOYS and the RAMONES way of riffing (“Makes Me Wanna Kill”, “No Life Like The Low Life”), and it seems like they won’t change their style to math rock tomorrow, since their favourite equation is “E=MC5”! The last song (“Sick Sick Sick”) sounds like a DAMNED tribute, and we won’t complain about that… These guys can’t go wrong, and you should check it out by yourself./Laurent C. for UK and Europe sales For North America For Canada

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The Barbarellatones “Mummified!”

MummifiedStill exploring the strangest sides of sci-fi and B-movie culture, Robbie Quine and friends are getting mummified on this new album! Opening song “Goth Hippy” sets a dark psychedelic mood right from the start, just as the title of the song suggests. From Rocky Horror BOWIE-esque touches (“Teenage Creepazoid”, “Donut Shop”, “Mummified”) to CRAMPS meet death rock moments (“Night of The Monsters”, “Feminine Products”), The BARBARELLATONES are still rocking with their spooky sense of humor, cryptic beats, 70s melodies, and it’s hard not to dance on songs like “Va Va Voom”, “Sharknado” or “Pee Pee Cup.” The spirit of the STONES isn’t far when listening to “Truckstop Angel” or “The Right Thing To Do”, and images from Phantom of The Paradise come to mind as soon as “Then The Sausage” starts.
Gothabilly, psych-glam, sci-fi surf’n’roll, The BARBARELLATONES still deliver their unique mix of influences in the most unexpected ways. The BARBARELLATONES never disappoint./Laurent C.

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The Röxy Suicide – “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”

We wanted to know more about Dave Mansfield’s new band The RÖXY SUICIDE, a flamboyant band mixing glam, new wave and early punk!

Dave, we know you from The MANSFIELDS. How and when did The RÖXY SUICIDE start?

The RÖXY SUICIDE started in 2013 in the form that it is now. We went through a few false starts (2012) in trying to find the right people for the band and that proved to be a lot harder than I imagined. How the band got started is pretty simple. I just wanted to keep touring and playing shows and The Mansfields were, at the time, on a definite hiatus. I was getting offers to do a bunch of stuff and I hated saying no so I just put a band together with some random people. As I said, that proved to be a very trying process as I was dealing with unprofessional individuals who didn’t seem to have a clue how things worked or at least how they worked on the level that I function at. The best thing that came out of that was that is how I hooked up with Olieshox who is now The RÖXY SUICIDE’s guitarist.

Wiener/Burger records is releasing a cassette of your first 6 singles. How did that happen? Have you released the singles in other formats before?

I have been aware of Burger/ Wiener for a few years now and I guess the timing was just right for us to hook up. Those guys work really hard and are really doing well at this point. Back in October a few of us went out to Hollywood for a sort of “working” vacation, Disneyland, networking type stuff. The morning after Disneyland I realized Burger Records was like 5 minutes from there so we went over and hung out a bit just to check it out and it was cool. The Singles have been released previously (some digitally, some CD) on Elekktralux Recordings, whom are still handling all the digital end of it.

You have influences ranging from The RAMONES, The CRAMPS to MÖTLEY CRÜE, BLONDIE and SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK just to name a few. Did you have the idea of mixing these influences before starting the band?

No, not at all. In fact, the whole idea originally was to be something in the vein of The Heartbreakers. I love the fact that it came together this way but it was really a bit of a lucky accident.

Have you played many shows so far? Best ones yet? How would you describe your live shows?

We have done a pretty good amount of shows. We’ve done a few with Faster Pussycat, The Queers, Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks. You know, just support slots and such. We’ve done a good number of headlining shows as well but the band is still pretty new at this point and our style is just starting to get a little more defined. The shows are high energy and lively. That’s a good way to put it. We subscribe to the “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” philosophy. We do a good job of that.

It’s been 30 years since HANOÏ ROCKS’ drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley died. I know you’re a fan too. Any story to share? How did you first get into HANOÏ?

Unfortunately I don’t have any stories involving Razzle himself, but I do have some of Michael and Sami Yaffa. One night we (The Mansfields) were playing the Cat Club in LA and Sami and Sylvain from New York Dolls showed up. This is when New York Dolls were back on the scene and Sami was playing in the Dolls. Needless to say we hit it off with them and ended up hanging out until they literally threw us out onto Sunset Blvd. after the bar closed. We ended up standing out in front of the Cat Club/ Whisky A Go Go for another hour talking and fucking around. I think what was really ironic about that was I had been watching, in the van, the Bob Gruen film about the Dolls and their first trip to LA when they played like 12 sold out shows at the Whisky. 2 Shows a night for 6 nights or something like that. Then here we are out in front of the Whisky getting all these amazing stories from Sami and Syl. Well, it’s safe to say it’s just sad that Razzle died so young and so long ago. Sometimes it dawns on me how much some of these guys have missed out on ya know? It’s a shame.


You’re interested in rock’n’roll history. What are the last biographies you’ve read? Last documentaries you’ve watched?

Yes I am a huge reader and watcher of these things. Memoirs and documentaries are truly inspiring to me. I think maybe the last bios I read were that of Billy Idol and Alex Chilton. I always have about 5 different books going at once on my tablet or hard copy but usually just one Main book that is new to me as I re-read a lot of stuff. Like I just picked up in the middle of the Heroin Diaries and one of Kat Von D’s books too. I see a lot of documentaries but I’m thinking the last one I watched was either the Alex Chilton/ Big Star one or the making of Ziggy Strardust and the Spiders From Mars.

First and last records you bought?

I recall the first 2 records I ever bought with my own money were Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. In fact, those were also my first two concerts ever. April ’84 Motley Crue at Colorado Springs City Auditorium with Saxon Supporting and August ’84 Billy Idol at Red Rocks with Clash Supporting. Not a bad way to start. Last record I bought was either Deap Vally’s “Sistronix” vinyl or The Cramps “Rocknreelininaucklandnewzealand” live vinyl.

Best shows you’ve seen this year?

Sean Lennon, Motley Crue / Alice Cooper. The RÖXY SUICIDE actually headlined a show with Richie Ramone in Denver and I have to say that was one of the best shows of the year as well. Richie and his band are for real man, super great stuff there and I loved hearing the Richie era Ramones songs live like Smash You, I Know Better Now…Ya know stuff off of Animal Boy, Too Tough To Die and Halfway To Sanity.

The MANSFIELDS recently played a few shows, right?

The Mansfields played a show just before Halloween. First show in 5 years. It’s interesting because we have come back with a new albums worth of songs and some old favorites but it just seemed so easy to do the show, it was effortless. I am now just singing in the band and we have brought on board an organ in lieu of bass. It’s a super cool Crampsesque kind of thing. It’s an amazing new chapter and what’s great about it is we are getting a lot of offers to do bigger stuff without knocking ourselves out for it. I guess we already did an awful lot of hard work over the years, it great to have people now coming around and recognizing that fact.

Are you thinking of bringing The RÖXY SUICIDE to Europe? Any vinyl release planned yet?

Yes, very much planning on bringing The RÖXY SUICIDE to Europe. Can’t wait man, can’t wait. I haven’t toured there since 2008! Long time. I know that the key to coming over there is finishing a full length and of course, can’t tour proper without the vinyl pressings. The songs have to be great…not good but great. It’s a process but we are getting there.
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Dr. Boogie “S/T” 3 song EP

(Review by Anguish Young)

DrBoogieI don’t know exactly what gutter these guys crawled out of, but they’ve apparently mixed with the same circle of next generation, punknroll diehards who play on bills with Don Bolles’ Alice Cooper covers band, the Earwigs, and the cream of the L.A. underground’s modernday vanguard—you know—Crazy Squeeze, Black Mambas, Telephone Lovers, Hammered Satin, Dirty Eyes. Keep yer electric eye on Dr. Boogie. Summa these dudes even jammed with the great JOEY PINTER of Knots and Waldos fame.
With a killer logo designed by legendary pop art genius, Adam T. of Altamont Records, DR. BOOGIE are blazing their own smoky trail of snarling guitars, whorehouse pianos and honky tonkin’ harmonicas that impresses upon first listen. They could easily be mistaken for the Diamond Dogs, and that’s high praise, indeed. These dudes are coming on strong, right out of the gate. This is classic glitter glam nastiness blasting outta yer broken speakers with a bona fide sleazy, raunchy authority seldom ever heard in these cold, sterile times; when we’re all expected to nod along and talk about the facking same old gimmick crazed techno, hack actresses with ukeleles, or bogus banjo brigades, some more. You hellions and havenots all know what I’m talkin’ about-dark little old man bar music that celebrates the goodtimes, the booze, the girls and friends you better appreciate now ’cause tomorrow it might all be gone.
These guys seem to really GET the “be alive now” part cause they rock with a true energy. LOVE the vocals and how often you hear me say that? Almost never. Last time we really got a whiff of a band that had this kinda scuzzy heart and soul AND a world class production value, courtesy of one Gabe Lowry, was probably that band, JET, who the Olympics ruined by overplaying their hit like ten years ago. They reminded me immediately of Jo Dog and Paul Black’s Sonic Boom, Dogs D’Amour, London Quireboys, Filthy Lucre. The voice is fabulously suited for this down and dirty style of regal guttersnipe ragged glory. If you like the Faces, the Bounty Hunters, the Jacobites, the Joneses, Free, Mott The Hoople, Flamin’ Groovies, or Silverhead, here are the new boys.
In dark days like this, when the old guard keeps dying off, irreplaceable rocknroll heroes like Ian McLagan, Bobby Keyes, Billy Rath, etc., it’s encouraging to spot the sleazy rocknroll cavalry coming over the hill, knives clenched between their teeth. Scarves and tambourines and blue velvet suitjackets and loud laughs to be had–rocknroll the way it’s supposed to sound. Sharp shoes, sunglasses at night, swaggering lads out on the tiles. I can’t really find anything to not like about these guys. I wanted to make this record when I was in my twenties and almost died trying. I failed, where these guys have succeeded, in a supreme fashion. Chris P., Dustin James, Jeff Turpin, and Luis Herrera just have that magic thing that few ever really come by honest, anymore. This e.p. came out and grabbed me by my frilly blouse and made me wanna go on a diet and play billiards and dance on the bartops and preen by the cigarette machine. Okay you can see how long it’s been since I’ve been to the pub.
These lads will make you want to wear feathers and form a dart team. Think Marionette Meets The Babys meets Detective with a little bit o’ Heartbreakers. Good lyrics, primo drummer, raunchy as hell guitars. This is really fabulous stuff. Rodney On The Roq is even spinning them. They look so young, too. This is probably every bit as good as that first Buck Cherry album. They are almost like a modern day Hollywood Brats. Go see DR. BOOGIE, one of the most promising pub rock/seventies radio pop/trashy punkroll/blues bands to storm the yellow brick road to the ever beckoning, eternally seductive neon lit Hollywood mirage, that always seems to promise strippers and cocaine on airplanes but usually only delivers heartache and despair, in like, forever. They even seem to have a desire to really bring the audience all aboard with them, show everybody a good time, you can just tell they are born entertainers. When was the last time a band cared about the people? The Babysitters? The Waldos? Been a long time, been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely time. You’re gonna love these cats. Trust me, I hate almost everybody. I love “Life On The Breadline”! This is full fledged Evil Kenievil rocknroll! I hope they get a bartender on stage with them like Rod and the boys. Fabulous stuff.


Kill City Dragons

In 1989, Kill City Dragons were one of the hottest band from the London (UK) scene and almost made it big !

Founded by New York guitarist Steve von Saint (Angels in Vain, Stiv Bators and his evil boys) and the rhythm section of The Lords of The New Church, Dave Tregunna (bass) and Danny Fury (drums) the line-up was soon to be completed with the arrival of Billy G.Bang! on vocals, a veteran from the New York Punk scene.

Already tagged as ‘the next big thing’ before their first gig at the mythical Loose lips club, rock fans flew from all over the world to see them perform on stage. Even Nasty Suicide (Hanoï Rocks, The Cherry Bombz) was there to join the band for the Encore.

Lots of coverage from the Music press, something like 100 shows in a year -with many headlining gigs at The Marquee-, one E.P., a major record deal on sight, the future looked bright until the departure of Dave and Billy (soon to form Shooting Gallery with Andy Mc Coy) in late 1990.

KCD2After releasing an album (an extended version of the E.P. plus 3 live tracks actually), Steve and Danny decided to find suitable replacements. While Mark Anthony (The Bombshells) soon joined them as bass-player it was to be more tricky to find a new singer. Finally after a year of searching across the UK and USA, Johnny Stevenson (Dawn after Dark) came on board.

Early 1992 the band were back on stages getting rave reviews. A few new tracks were recorded with one of them to appear on an ‘only British bands’ compilation and another record deal was on the verge… but once again, the singer and bass-player split. Soon after that Danny went to the USA to join the band Vain.

Now the band is back ! At least on a virtual way, thanks to the Internet, and a website is up:

What for ? Well, 25 years ago Kill City Dragons were ready to take over the world and we know there is people out there who’d like to celebrate the glorious old days with us.

Unreleased material will see the light of the day in the coming months so spread the word and stay tuned !

In the meantime check out Danny Fury’s Tango Pirates music and support the band’s funding campaign.

The Kill City Dragons Brotherhood