Radiations “S/T”

RadiationsFor some weird reason, I’ve just recently found out about this ’77 punk influenced band from Paris. Unfortunately, they’re not around anymore, and this 9 song vinyl record was released in 2008… In the 00s, the ’77 punk revival was mostly happening in the South of France, with the Marseille scene (The HATEPINKS, NEUROTIC SWINGERS, etc.), but it seems like RADIATIONS was waving the same flag at that time in the French capital. Snotty vocals, dirty THUNDERS rock’n’roll guitars on speed, catchy choruses and all other distinctive elements of the style can be found in RADIATIONS. You just want to sing and dance when listening to “Berlin Babies”,”Operation L”, or “Schooldays”, and these guys definitely had good tastes since they show their love for The BOYS, covering “No Money.” All this raw energy reminding me of The BRIEFS makes me think that it’s too bad I never got to see RADIATIONS live. At least you can still listen to them, better late than never, they say… And guess what? There’s still a few copies of this cool red vinyl left for you to grab… /Laurent C.

Radiations on MySpace
More info: corentinkermoal@hotmail.com

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